Relinquishing Our Loved Ones Back to Spirit

Relinquishing Our Loved Ones Back to Spirit

Last week, my cat made her transition to the other side. She had been with me since she was 6 weeks old and she was almost 13 years old when she passed. She grew up with my youngest son and outlasted all of my romantic relationships.  To put it mildly, it was gut wrenching to let her go and what made it worse was that I had to make the final decision about it. I choose to not let her suffer any longer since her condition would have deteriorated into a miserable death for both her to endure and me to observe.

Ariel has been gone for a week today and yesterday finally felt “better” for me, meaning the grief was not so intense. Today I spent time cleaning up some things around the house. It was difficult since I had many things that were there to accommodate her medical conditions.  I had to take them down and put them away. So there was a finality today that I was facing. After I finished this, I went to shower. I don’t know why it is, but sometimes Spirit speaks to us in the oddest places, but at any rate, I received a message. Maybe Spirit speaks to us when we are a captive audience.  Although I am not “psychic” on demand, sometimes I can hear the voices of Spirit and/or my Guides when it is necessary that they communicate something to me.

When a person or pet passes that we loved very much, we often think of all the things we “coulda –shoulda-woulda” done differently for them. We think of all the ways we might have done better or even saved them. I think this is normal human behavior after facing a loss.  It’s normal to feel guilt over what we think we did or didn’t do.  So these kinds of thoughts were going through my mind when I heard a very, very clear question and it was this: “Can you relinquish her (my cat, Ariel) care to the One who can care for her better than you ever could? Can you relinquish her to the One force that makes your heart beat…. the plants grow…. the children grow… the Force that keeps the planets orbiting around the sun; the Source of Divine Intelligence?  Can you allow this Force to take over her care now?”

I was rather blown away because, of course, when you put it that way, anyone would be a fool to argue with such a force.  Absolutely, I can allow the One, the Source, to take over her care and give her what I could not.  I would be an idiot to not want the Source to take over. This message produced a dramatic shift in my perspective and consciousness about loss. When we lose a loved one, we really don’t have a choice about what we will “allow” or not. They pass on and it is what it is. But we can release and allow it in our hearts and not fight with the reality of what is. We can find peace.

After this message came through, my thought process continued. I lost a dear friend back in November and, at times, this death still stings me. Her death was also surrounded by my thoughts of what I did or did not do for her. But it suddenly with this message, it all came together so clearly for me.  We relinquish our loved ones back into the arms of Source (God/Spirit/Goddess/Universe/Force~whatever you prefer to call it). This Source is where we came from and to where we will return. It is a place of unconditional love.  It can love our loved ones in a way, that with our human limitations, we never can.  It heals them; they become whole again and free of pain.  It cares, sustains and nurtures them in a way that we, as human beings, never can.  Our loved ones, whether we speak of human or animal, return to a place of perfect peace and bliss.  How could we fight their departure if we know this? How could we not happily release them into the arms of Spirit and find a peace in our hearts about it? They are wildly, amazingly loved and cared for beyond anything that we can ever imagine. We do not have the proper words to describe the bliss in which they now reside.  They are happy to be where they are and we will see them again since energy/soul is never destroyed, it only changes form.  They still exist in another dimension that is just beyond our human comprehension and detection.  When we are open and willing, we often catch glimpse of this dimension and can communicate with them.  They are not lost to us.

This message today gave me such a sense of peace.  I finally felt able to let go, not only of my kitty, but my dear friend who made her transition in November along with the many others who traveled to the other side in the past 20 months.  My answer to the inquiring voice of my guide was this:  “Yes, I can relinquish them into the care of the One who can care for them infinitely better than I ever could. I can let them go with peace and joy.”

Kathy Lee 07/17/2012


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  1. pinkwitch1 says:

    Beautiful music for a tough subject.

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