These are the words that I heard, or channeled, 3 days after someone very special had made her transition last year.

       I am reminded that energy never dies, it only changes form. For those who do not understand this, I will explain. We are more than just a “body”.  We are a soul, a spirit; we are eternal.  This eternal part of us can never be destroyed.  It never dies.  It can only change forms.  What starts out as a caterpillar later turns into a butterfly.  What the caterpillar calls “death” is actually a rebirth.  The tadpole transforms into a frog.  The water larvae transforms into a dragonfly.  The fetus transforms into an infant, which transforms into a child, which transforms into a teenager, which then transforms into an adult.  The energy is always the same; it is just the form that changes.  So it is with death, the energy/soul stays the same but the form changes.  Death is not an ending but a rebirthing into a new form and into a new dimension.  Our loved ones are never really “gone”, they are just in another form.  The lotus comes to mind, submerged in mud under the water, pushing its way up and up until it finally breaks the surface and emerges into the sunlight and blooms into a beautiful flower.  Perhaps this is an analogy of life on earth and then what occurs at death. Death is a beautiful blossoming emergence.       ~Kathy Lee 11/26/11


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