Dear Pro-Lifers

Dear Pro-Lifers

Dear Anti-abortion protesters,
I drive past you every day on my way to work. I see you holding the hideous signs with graphic pictures on them. I totally understand that you feel strongly about abortion. I respect your right to express yourself. Abortion is an option that I would not want to be in a position to have to choose, HOWEVER, I wholeheartedly support the right for women to decide for themselves what is best for concerning their lives and their bodies. I am pro-choice. Those of us who are pro-choice are not going to be swayed by your holding up signs outside the clinics. I actually look the other way when I drive past because your self-righteous belief that your morality should control the rest of us really angers me.

You know what? There are abused kids at organizations like Kids in Distress who could really use this excess energy you have. There are battered women also in shelters who could also use some support. Or how about feeding people at a homeless shelter? In whatever capacity you are able to help out, whether it be with your time or your finances,  there are so many who need help. Your time would be better served helping those who are abused and homeless, who desperately need love, than holding signs every day outside the abortion clinic.  If you really want to practice spiritual altruism, then do something that matters.

Kathy Lee
**I am going to make a sign and hold it out the sun roof of my car when I pass them and it’s going to say, “Go Volunteer at Kids in Distress” (a local shelter for abused children) .** (Actually, I’m kind of afraid if they did, they’d find a way to shame the kids…….)
I just really needed to vent this. I see them every single  day and every day I have the same thought process go through my head.                             ~Kathy Lee 10/24/2012

4 comments on “Dear Pro-Lifers

  1. robin says:

    Or foster care, guardian ad litem, big brother/big sister, head start….. the list goes on and on.

  2. Daz says:

    Well said

  3. Tomorrow, go out and stop. Ask them what other organizations they volunteer for. You will be surprised. Most people who do that also volunteer for many other things . You just assume this is all they do.

  4. Poundcake says:

    This really doesn’t make sense. So you are only allowed to protest things if you also volunteer at clinics or homeless shelters? Um. Word.

    As far as protesting at abortion clinics not mattering, thanks to 40 Days For Life this year, over 300 women have chosen to keep their babies. That matters.

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