Pulling the Trigger

Pulling the Trigger

In yesterday’s astrology report by Tom Lescher (www. New paradigm astrology .com) he said that our buttons are being pushed (sometimes simultaneously) to allow us to evolve. What he meant by this is that certain situations are appearing to trigger our own issues. They come up to the surface and we have to face them and, hopefully, transcend them and release them. It is crucial for our spiritual growth. Now, since my buttons have been repeatedly being pushed (in very strong ways~~oh my goodness, you have no idea!!)  I was grumbling to myself about the whole idea. Inside my head, I was rebelling, saying I’m tired of all the spiritual stuff, tired of the “growth”, tired, tired, tired. TIRED.  Won’t the Universe just leave me alone for a little bit?  Well, I never mean it when I say these things because my spirituality is who I am and even when I decide to “take a break”, it usually lasts about 2 days. I was tired in that moment of being bombarded and feeling  like a flock of angry seagulls is descending on my head.

Anyway, I got an immediate response to this line of thought. (See, the Universe never leaves us alone, ever. And this is a very good thing. All things work for our good.)  I have been hearing my guides (or spiritual guidance, if you prefer) very clearly these days. What they told me was basically that it’s good for us to evolve. The whole planet needs to evolve.(Duh, right?)  (I know this.) But it is more personal than the entire planet. When I evolve in my own little world, I create more inner peace. (This  idea hadn’t really occurred to me so much.)  I realized that if I can transcend my issues and not allow every little (or big!) thing to get on my nerves, I could stay calm and centered and not get upset. When I get upset, my adrenaline rushes, my heart pounds, I turn red, my stomach knots up, I have digestive issues. We all know stress/anger/irritation is not good for us. It wears down our immunity, it makes us sick. Not to mention our brain is constantly churning over stupid things and we never have a moment’s silence.

So, I chewed on this idea for a while. What would it be like to:

  1. Be authentic.

2.  Speak my truth

3. Stand in my power.

4. Calmly walk away from situations with a feeling of total inner peace. No anger. No irritation. No high blood pressure.

Well, that would be amazingly wonderful. That would feel like I was on vacation.  It would be fantastic.  What would it be like to walk around knowing that nothing anyone does is because of you? Whatever anyone does is a reflection of their own consciousness. Those who choose to attack you are most likely suffering from some kind of inferiority complex or low self-esteem.  Attacking you makes them feel better.  They feel smart, superior and if they can tell they’ve made you feel bad, then its all the better for them. When you are able to see it this way, it gives you a whole new perspective.  It’s quite sad, actually. Now, if you’ve stolen from someone or run over their garden, they might get pissed. This would be normal. In this case, an apology is in order. But sometimes people just attack out of the blue, over trivial issues. They have a need to dominate, control and be right. This stems from self-esteem issues. You do not have to be anyone’s doormat; you can speak your truth and walk away. (Refer to the last paragraph.)

So I resolved to let things go. I decided to use the mantra’s of Ekhart Tolle “Everything honored, nothing matters” and John Parkin “F**k it, it doesn’t matter so much”.  The energies have shifted so much in the past month and they continue to do so.  I have had more realizations. I have had some frustration in my life about certain things that I have not achieved. My guides were speaking once again today. First off, they told me that I created this life (situation) that I am in and if I don’t like it, then I need to change it. (They told me the same thing a few years ago, and I changed my life radically,  but somehow I seem to have fallen off the proverbial wagon again….)

Simple as that. And the other thing they told me (my guides don’t mince words) is that I have spent so much time (wasted time!!) worrying about what other people are saying and doing that I have neglected my own growth and goals.  It does NOT matter what anyone thinks of me. It does not matter what anyone says about me. It does not matter what anyone is doing.  IT DOES NOT MATTER. Once more, IT DOES NOT MATTER.  I know the truth of who I am. When we worry about what other people say or do, we are wasting such valuable energy that we could be using to accomplish other things, whether it’s big things like changing careers or getting the laundry done. Worry and anger creates stress, which depletes the body and energetic field of vital energy.  It zaps our creativity. It depresses us.   And it also gives our power away to the person or thing that we are focusing on…Really? Do I really want to give them MORE power? NO!

This has been a very very powerful month. We had two eclipses. The energy has been very strong. It has been propelling us along, like it or not. Our personal growth does benefit the whole world but sometimes we forget how we imprison ourselves by our own thoughts and perceptions. And in embracing personal growth, we free ourselves from our self imposed limitations and the thoughts that hinder our accomplishment. It’s Ok to let go. There are things we can’t control. It runs the gamut from what other people say/think about us to more tangible things like paying the bills. Some things we can work on changing  (like developing a better prosperity consciousness) other things we cannot change. So we need to accept “what is” in the moment, then change what we can and let go of what we can’t.

Personally, I would love less stress and more inner tranquility. I have let too many things (and people) take residence inside my head.  Yesterday I sent out the eviction notices, effective immediately.  I will not let them (or circumstances) ruin my peace.  Here to inner peace, laughter and happiness. Focus on your life and your space and see how things change for you. I’ll keep you posted.

If you are interested in reading more, here are some book recommendations:

The Power of Now (Ekhart Tolle)

The Four Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz)

F**k It Therapy (John Parkin)

The Untethered Soul (Michael Singer)

Namaste.  Kathy Lee 11/30/2012


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