Say What You Need To Say (John Mayer)

Why is it that everyone else can say whatever they want and it’s all good but when I do it, I get accused of being mean, of  being a bitch? Is it because for most of my life I just smiled and played “nice” regardless of what I was feeling? I was a people pleaser? (Yes.) Today I was napping/meditating and I woke up with a start and heard, “You are dying” and it kind of scared me and I thought, “What the hell?” Then I heard, “Not a death, but a rebirth”. I’ve been going through a hard time lately but a good analogy is birth. The pain of birth is not easy and  it hurts.  For the baby it must be dark and long until it  finally emerges into the light. Thank you to my friends who have not kicked me in the ass out of sheer spite when I have been down. Thank you for your support and your love. We are all together on this journey and I thank you. ~Kathy Lee 4/11/13


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