Well, it  seems today I am on a roll and having some much needed insights, so here I go again, I may as well share them. I have spent the past 5 days focusing on the positive, even if that meant something as simple as being thankful for a cool breath of wind bringing the rain in. I have listened and read repeatedly about becoming a vibrational match to what you want. Now, by “what you want” I don’t mean a million dollars or a new Camaro. I’ve been more focused on things like inner peace, happiness, physical well being…even though if you want a million dollars and a new Camaro then I guess that’s OK, too. The premise is that everything is energy and like attracts like. So if you can find things to be appreciative of, the Universe will send you even MORE things to be appreciated. Likewise, if you find things to complain about, then the Universe will send you more things that you don’t like. It really does work this way. I did a huge experiment a few years ago and found this to be absolutely true (but that’s another blog for another day). This is something I’ve known for a very long time but had gotten out of the practice of “practicing”. If you “practice” goodness, love and peace then you attract goodness, love and peace. Things that don’t resonate with your vibration have a tendency to fall away without you having to do a thing about it. What you focus on is what you attract into your experience.

Anyway, after spending the past 5 days holding this focus, yesterday I lost my “second” job. (My first job for the past 14 years is healing and massage therapy work). The second job was an additional source of income which was appreciated at the time. The job consisted of helping elderly people make the transitions from their homes into independent or assisted living facilities. As you can imagine, this is a MAJOR time in a person’s life, very stressful,  very emotional and traumatic for them.  I was good at it because I was the first person in the company that they had to deal with…..and having dealt with elderly and very ill people in my “other” work for the past 14 years, I was very good at it. I am a healer. Somehow, I am good at helping people be calm and I truly care about them.

So, to make a long and very ugly story very short, this is what happened. I found out that  the owner of the company I was working for  is extremely unethical. Extremely. And, yeah, if she reads this, I just put the nails in the coffin. But, what I realized from some wonderful, caring friends is what I had overlooked. I was working so hard on being a “vibrational match” to my desires….I vibrationally mismatched myself right out of this company. I did not get fired. I was told that the owner wants to do the work herself for now (and “supposedly” will call me again later). What I understand is that she does not want to have to pay me. Getting my checks from her that she owed me was like pulling teeth.  So, without getting into the gory details (and they are rather gory and damning and I’m not going to go there), it doesn’t matter if I just nailed the lid on the  coffin, because after knowing what I know about this company, I can no longer, in good conscience recommend it, not to anyone, but especially not to fragile elderly people who are going through massive life transitions. I cannot reassure them that they are in good hands with their move if they are NOT. I am not unethical and I am not a liar and cheating elderly people for the sake of money is NOT what I do.

I have to trust the Universe that I am being moved into someplace much more compatible with who I am. I am not the spoke’s person and/or the representative of an unethical, dishonesty, greedy company. Nope, that’s not me. I will be honest, I was feeling rather shitty about losing this source of income because it was nice. But I didn’t know how bad things were behind the scenes, either. Now that I know and since someone so helpfully pointed out that I am not a vibrational match to this company, it all makes much more sense and I am feeling much better about the whole thing. I have also long believed that when you honor yourself (by being true to who you are and not compromising your standards) that the Universe honors you in doing so. (Which is why I am not worried about putting the nails in the coffin on this one. Even if I was offered more jobs with this company, I would have to say  “No”.)

It’s rather interesting how things unfold and what happens when you step back to gain the larger perspective. Truly, it is “all good”.

Kathy Lee 4/16/2013


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