Wack Jobs and Hippy Dippys

I was expressing to a friend that I feel there’s a great divide growing between people right now. It’s like a regrouping is taking place. Many people who are aware and write about the energies have mentioned this. It is literally like attracts like, with people as well as circumstances. So those people who are not on your same page vibrationally are falling away. I was really appalled by some of what I saw taking place on social media networks today.  Personally I am tired of the aggression, the attacks and the hatefulness.  This was a conversation I had with a friend and I thought it was worth sharing. (I refer to myself as a “hippy dippy” because I’m one of those crazy ones who believes in stuff like world peace, love, light and compassion.)

ME:  Maybe I’m a wack job hippy dippy but if I am then so be it. There are soooooooooooo many people falling away right now…at the rate I’m going I’m afraid I won’t hardly have any friends, LOL. But I have to trust that those who vibrate on the same page will show up.

MY FRIEND:  Yeah trust in that. There will be wack jobs and you are not the idiot whisper. I’m really getting you. Its all about compassion now. Everything else is foolishness.

(Some really sage advice there from my friend. Thanks…)

Kathy Lee 4/16/2013


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