About 14 years ago, I stopped watching TV and the news. Prior to that, I was addicted to the news. I watched at 6 am, 12 pm and again at 6 pm and if I was still awake, I’d watch the late news at 11 pm. I was married to someone who was married to the TV, so when I got divorced, I did not want to own a TV anymore, I was so over it. (My kids had one in their bedroom.) I had enough stress in my life at that time without adding to it from outside sources, so I gave up the news. I can’t say the stress in my life disappeared but it wasn’t compounded by a myriad of things I could not control or change.

I didn’t get started again with “news” until the 2008 elections. I did tons of research and political writing at that time. Once the election was over, again, I let the news fade into the background. In the past 2 years, I have found  myself immersed in it again. Two years ago, I was listening to a lot of “alternative news” (or whatever you’d want to call it). I had a friend who was addicted to Alex Jones. Oh my. (“Oh my” is putting it VERY nicely.)  It  didn’t take long at all for me to be totally fed with with listening to him and the likes of him. I found that they weren’t helpful or enlightening or hopeful, they were just fear mongering and spreading hate, but in a different way than the conventional media does. This past year, I have been very immersed in the “news” in general. I have followed the main agendas and gotten very deep into the human and  feminist causes and environmental and food issues. All I can say is, it has disgusted me and stressed me out. I have a client who is 92 years old and he actually told me that he is glad he “is on the way out” because he doesn’t think the world is going to survive. (And he is a very happy and optimistic man.) (Perhaps the planet will survive. But will humanity? ~Sorry, that was a bit negative, but it’s what I’m thinking ~ out loud.)

There are those who say it is important to be “involved and informed”.

Yes, to a small extent, I agree. But when it comes to being immersed in things you cannot change and it only serves to add more stress to your life, then I say it’s time to let it go. I was happier when I didn’t know the dire state of our planet. I suppose ignorance is bliss, right?

I would still say, know who to vote for and vote. Write or call your legislators. Boycott corporations (and those sponsored by unhealthy entities). Do what you can and then stop being immersed in the garbage of it all.

I also no longer participate in political discussion on social media. I have seen time and time again that those entrenched in their own way of thinking are not going to be dissuaded by anyone else’s ideas. Those who are so close minded are going to stay that way so why should I waste my precious energy trying to talk them out of what they believe? (In case you’re wondering, I am referring to things like gay rights, women’s rights, gun control, Monsantos infringement, and so forth.) I have even found that more often than not, when you try to express an opinion that differs from theirs, you get insulted and called names. I’m done playing that game.

As a lightworker, I know that what we focus our energy on is what expands. When we focus energy, whether it is in like or dislike, we feed what we focus on. I have been guilty of this a LOT lately. I have been draining precious energy and causing more stress to myself and furthering the causes that I want to see gone from the planet. It is a fine line to educate others (yes, there are people who do not understand things like the dangers that genetically modified foods present) and not focus on what you don’t want. Once again, it is time to for me to take a “newsfast”. No news, no stressing over it. I have given it much thought over the past week or so. Could it be possible that we make a much larger statement by how we live our lives? Could it be possible that we make a larger impact by promoting peace, meditation and higher consciousness than arguing about gun control bills? Personally, I don’t think things like gun control laws are  going to make any difference (although I support background checks and things like that). I think the thing that will make a difference is educating people, teaching compassion, teaching love, teaching respect for other human beings. I saw a quote that said, “Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.” I think that pretty much sums it up. It’s what I am trying to get back to doing.

People who are on a spiritual path know that energy is very powerful and when you direct it properly it can move mountains. (Didn’t Jesus say that? “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed and say to the mountain, ‘Move’, it will move and nothing will be impossible to you.” Matthew 13: 31-32).  There’s another popular quote that says “Where attention goes, energy flows.” (don’t know who said that). In addition to NOT wanting to feed the injustices of the world, I need to take better care of myself, part of which (a BIG part) means that I need to reduce my stress. I need to be happy. I need to feel peaceful. Being immersed in “news” is very, very disruptive to my personal sense of well being.  Mother Theresa spoke of this when she said she would never attend an anti-war rally but she would attend a pro-peace rally. This “focus” is what she was talking about.

So, rather than burying yourself in the bad stuff of the world, do whatever practice you do:  say a prayer, send energy, send compassion and then let it go. Live your life in a way that you become a walking blessing, a beacon of light, a living prayer. Be mindful of your words, your thoughts and  your actions. This is how we create change. We become the change we want to see. (Gandhi said that.) It may have been Thich Nhat Hanh who wrote about blessing the earth with every step that you take. Keep your vibration high and it will affect many people around you without you ever having to say a single word. (David Hawkins writes extensively about this in his book, “Power vs. Force”)

Let the “newsfast” begin as I change my focus to one that is truly productive and kind to myself.

Kathy Lee 4/19/2013

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