Energies: Wild Ride Now

I hope you are holding on for this wild ride of energies. It’s feeling like the energies are in an uproar, like being inside of a tornado,  being twirled around and not quite knowing where you are going to land. Or being on a bucking bronco and not going how far you’re going to be thrown.  I am seeing it globally and nationally as well as in my personal life and the lives of those close to me. As each person has contacted me with their stories, it is just more confirmation that the energies are intense and moving. Nothing is much of a surprise to me anymore.

It can feel really disturbing and disheartening, almost like everything is going wrong all at one time. But I think we have to remember that we are in a time of massive global change. It seems like things are getting worse but I have long believed that you cannot build the new on top of the old. The “old” has to go away.  What may be happening is that things are building to a crescendo before they collapse in on themselves. Then, we are free to start building the “new”. It seems just when you think the politics can’t get much worse, they do. Freedoms and rights are being threatened all the time (gay rights, women’s rights, internet freedom, freedom to choose our food (GMO labeling) today there was even an article I saw about corporations wanting to buy and hold the rights to water!) The way I see it, though, this is the old patriarchal system making a last ditch attempt at maintaining control. They are holding on with their claws dug in  (yes, I did say “claws”), holding on for dear life!  The energies of the Divine Feminine are already present and eventually we will have balance between the polarities.  (Which some people mistakenly think means the feminine will be “in charge”, this is not true. What it means is that there will be a balance between the male and female energies. The male energies “patriarchal system” has been in total control for more than 2,000 years.) As most of you know, we entered a new phase of the Mayan calendar on Dec. 21. 2012, which heralded the beginning of a new era of higher human consciousness. Many people are starting to “wake up” from the illusions and they are seeing the truth about many things. Change is slowly happening and change often appears as upheaval when it is in the process.  A good analogy is stirring up the bottom of the river or ocean, it’s muddy and messy for a time but then the water does become clear again.

I think in our personal lives, we are being moved into environments that are more vibrationally aligned with who we are. We are being removed from situations that are hindering our growth. Some of us are finding abrupt employment changes and relationship changes. We are also finding that we are doing some soul searching and looking for answers within ourselves to see what best serves us. Some of us are finding ourselves walking away from things that no longer serve us or are holding us back from our true potential.

The energies have a lot to do with the big solar flares that were coming in over the weekend. We had the biggest ones yet this year. We also had a couple of large earthquakes this week. Next week, we have a full moon and first lunar eclipse of the year. Eclipses help us to make changes in our lives and this eclipse especially will help you to make changes that are essential and necessary.

(If you are interested in the effects of solar flares on the human body, here is an article:

http://carliniinstitute.com/how_recent_solar_flares_are_affecting_us  )

Trust the process even when it seems hard to do so. Trust that you are being aligned and moved to where you need to be. The more you resist and kick and scream, the harder the process becomes.  As difficult as it seems at times (and yes, I am having a huge struggle with this myself) try to stay focused on love and peace. Allow yourself to be a vibration of hope amidst the chaos.  My mantra for 2012 (and it carried over into 2013) was, “Let the river flow”. What I mean by this is, don’t fight the current, don’t try to swim upstream, don’t try to dam the river, but instead allow the Universe, the Divine Intelligence to carry you to where you need to be. (I can hear the question some are asking….Yes, do still make your intentions, put them out there, but then allow the Universe to help them unfold as it knows best how to do….I think we can all remember a time when we really, really , really wanted something and we worked really hard to get it, then when we did, it was awful). It’s best to let the Universe lead and trust that this benign and loving Force has got your back. Always. Because I don’t think the energies are going to cool off anytime soon. We have lulls and  more energetic times but I think the energy  will keep building in momentum until real changes are cemented in place.

Kathy Lee 4/20/2013

www. Tigerlilysgarden.  Com

The art is by dannyh89.deviantart.com Image


2 comments on “Energies: Wild Ride Now

  1. Nick says:

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Thank you! I don’t feel so alone. My dear hubby, while mildly patriarchal, has now become a raging patriarchal prick and I cannot say a word to him about it. My guides tell me to protect myself (energetically) and sit tight that all will be resolved beautifully. BUT, it is hard! OY!

    thank you for this!

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