Eclipses, Energies and Radical Trust

The winds of change continue to blow. The Universal pot is being stirred. (To put it very mildly.) The energies are intense and uprooting things like the winds of a storm. This week, on April 25th, we have a lunar eclipse/full moon.  Then on May 10 a solar eclipse, then on May 25 another lunar eclipse. Then we get a little break and the next lunar eclipse will be Oct 18 and then a solar eclipse (last of the year) on Nov 3. When you add to the eclipses, solar flares (and large earthquakes), the energy has been quite intense. For some, it feels like life is absolutely unraveling.

Eclipses are significant energetically. Both types usually mean big changes will take place. The lunar eclipse is more focused on emotions and the subconscious. Solar eclipses are focused on changes within the mundane, rational and physical aspects of our lives. Many things end/begin ( every ending contains a new beginning) during eclipses.  The changes that take place (often all at one time) can seem absolutely overwhelming. I am seeing it in the lives of those around me right now. It seems as if everything that can possibly go wrong, is going wrong.

This is where we are called upon to rely on radical trust. We must trust that the Universe is moving in a way that will cause us to grow and mature even when the changes are extremely painful. One thing I have learned (finally??) is to trust in the Divine order of things, trust in the Divine flow. I have said this before and I will say it again. How many times have we fought for things to turn out the way we “want” them and it has been an absolute disaster? I have learned to allow the Universe to carry you to where you need to be. You put your intentions out for the Universe then allow the Universe to respond to your request. It may not be exactly what you thought you “wanted” (that particular job or relationship or whatever) but what you  receive will be absolutely perfect for you. PERFECT. PERFECT.

How can you weather the storms of change…especially when it seems that everything is falling apart all at one time? Ground yourself. Connect with the earth. Allow excess energies to flow through you and back into the earth. Quiet your mind. Meditate. Go out into nature. And trust. TRUST. TRUST. I cannot emphasize this strongly enough. You are loved by the kind and benign Universe. (It is not out to destroy or punish you!!) You are surrounded by your angels and guides, who also love you and want to help you. ASK them for their help. They will not interfere with your free will.

As much as possible, keep yourself aligned with the higher frequency energies of love, peace and compassion. Some good ways to do this are to read affirmations, listen to CDs, watch videos and read books that contain positive messages. It’s important to keep your consciousness saturated with good thoughts. The more you feel despair (and this is easy when it feels like life is falling apart), the more important it is to keep reminding yourself (in whatever way works for you) that the Universe/God/Goddess loves you and has your best interest in mind.

Some things are removed from our lives (jobs, relationships) because we need to make room for new things that will better serve us (and make us happier). Also, during these times of intense energy, we are seeing people and circumstances for what they really are. All illusion is falling away. Some things can come as quite a shock.  You may find your employer was unethical, a friend wasn’t true, your mate wasn’t loyal, ect. These are very painful realizations to deal with, but in the long run, it is better to know the truth and not participate in deception. You will find that people and situations that are in vibrational resonance with you, will show up and it will feel, ohhhhhhh, soooooo much better.

It’s also important to do things during these times that do give you joy (whatever that means to you, it’s a very individual thing). If you like music, play your music, dance. Have a glass of wine. Spend time with friends. Ride your bike. Go for a hike or a swim. Go to a movie. Find the humor in things. Laugh.  Whatever makes your heart happy, do it. It’s an important way to keep your spirits and your vibration up during this time. I just ordered 3 new music CDs for myself. I love my music and this is one of the things I do to keep myself “up” and feeling good.

During these times of upheaval, remember that everything is happening  for a reason and working toward your highest good. (Even though that can sound awfully cliché.)  You will end up in a place that makes you very happy and you will wonder why you struggled so hard to hold on to the old ways (people, places and things). Trust me, I know this from experience. Keep your mind focused on the good no matter how small it seems to be. The more you can find the good, the more good will be given to you. Be appreciative. Sometimes when we are in the midst of great pain, the best thing we can remember is “this too shall pass” and just remembering this brings great relief. (Because I do know that sometimes it is awfully hard to stay “positive” during the really rough times.) There have been a few times in the past couple weeks, where all I could say was, “This will pass, it will not last forever, I am moving toward a better place and it will be OK”. IT WILL ALL BE OK. It’s important to watch your self talk and not allow yourself to fall into utter misery. Talk to yourself and reassure yourself the same way you would reassure a good friend or your child. You would never say things to scare them, so don’t do it to yourself.

I know it’s a rough time for many right now. It’s hard to keep on believing that things are going to be OK when you cannot see the light on the horizon. It’s hard to remain strong when you do not know what is coming next in your life. Just remain clear about what you want (for example, a job in a certain field, (or even just a job that makes you happy and pays the bills), a loving relationship,  loyal friends, good  health), stay focused on all the positive aspects of your life. (At times, for me, it was something like finding gratitude that my car started when I turned the key…sometimes it’s the small things we take for granted, but we can be thankful for, that we need to focus on.) And remember that all the chaos, confusion, and movement that is taking place now is doing one thing: it is moving you to a better place, moving you into a place better aligned with WHO YOU ARE. You are moving to a place of peace and joy. TRUST. TRUST. TRUST. And remember the famous words of Bob Marley, “ This is my message to you, singing, don’t worry about a thing, cause, every little thing, gonna be alright….” (to see the video, click here: ) (This was the ringtone on my phone for a long time! A good way to remember that everything is indeed going to be all right!)

Kathy Lee


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