Passing Into the Arms of the Mother

A few days ago, someone wrote me and asked for help in dealing with her grandmother’s imminent passing. For a moment I was stumped as to what I could say that could offer her comfort. Then I realized all I could offer was what I have experienced with the passages of my own loved ones.

My own grandmother passed away when I was 19 years old. She was too young, I was young, I had no understanding and I was devastated. The second night after her passing, she came to me in a dream. We sat at her kitchen table (in the dream) and had a talk. It was as real as sitting with a friend and having lunch in person.  We discussed the funeral and how she looked and then she told me she was very, very happy and did not want to return to the earth. She told me she was thrilled to be reunited with her son who had passed over when he was 2 years old. She had missed him so much and was finally with him again.  From that day on, I had peace about her passing, even though I was sad that my sons would never know and/or remember her. I found out that two other family members also saw her in dreams and she told them exactly what she told me. Since, then, she has communicated with me various times as have my other grandparents who have passed on. There has been great peace in this.

I had a friend who passed away about a year and a half ago. She was very, very young and it was very difficult for me. She also communicated with me after her passing.  She told me that she was at peace and that all was well; that she is happy now.  She communicated with me a second time and the question was this, “How can I help you to let go?” I knew I had to let go and let her continue with her journey in the spirit world.  At first, it was extremely hard for me, it always seems worse when someone so young, vibrant and full of potential passes on.  But each day it gets easier and the pain does become less and less. We have to let them go and know that they are in the arms of the Divine and that they are loved and cared for much more than we could ever care for them here on earth. They are also so very, very happy.  They are in a bliss that we can never begin to imagine.  It’s OK to let them go. They want us to go on with our lives and find joy. They don’t want to see us suffer over their passing.

My friend’s grandmother passed today. What I had told her was this: Our souls and God/Higher Power make the decision about when it is time to go. No matter if it seems it is too soon, there is a Divine Plan always in motion. We have to trust this. Once on the other side, (no matter what you prefer to call it), there is peace and love and no more pain.  I don’t think there is ever a desire for them to come back to the earth.  Those on the other side never really “die”, the energy just changes form, the spirit/soul lives on and they are never lost to us.  They are never farther away than a thought and we are still able to communicate with them whenever we want.  When we cross the veil to the other side, they will be waiting to welcome and guide us into the spirit realm. I don’t know precisely what happens on the other side, but I have always intuitively felt that we will enter into the heart of the Great Mother and back into Her arms where there is safety, love and pure bliss. And we will see our loved ones again; of this, I am sure.

Kathy Lee 4/21/13

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One comment on “Passing Into the Arms of the Mother

  1. A year or two ago I had an amazing experience of communication with a friend who passed several years ago. He committed suicide, and for years I struggled with why he did this, and wondered if he was at peace. He told me why he did what he did, the pain he’d been in for so many years, and after we “talked” he waved to me in this little way he used to, kind of over his shoulder. I’d forgotten that he used to wave like this but when I saw it again I recognized it immediately and it gave validity to the experience. It is hard to let go; I have a friend who passed recently and I think I’m still holding on to her a little bit because she was so young and it’s hard for me to accept that her physicality is no longer with us. Thank you for this great peice.

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