Going Back To Oz


There are conversations and things here on Facebook  (I originally wrote this as a FB observation)  that make me shake, literally. I read the hate and ignorance and my adrenaline surges and my hands literally start to shake. It horrifies (I wish I could write “horrify” in bold italics, hey, I can! This is my blog now!) me that people can’t have a civilized conversation that contains disagreement without it deteriorating to name calling of the worst kind. (No, I wasn’t involved. I stopped going there a long time ago. I won’t give my energy to those people who will not see beyond their own eyelids. My fault for even reading any of it and allowing myself energetically to get pulled into their drama.) I guess in all truthfulness, I was never exposed to this kind of stuff very much before. I have a job for 14 years that is one on one. My friends are intelligent and compassionate people.

But I guess this is the society we live in? “Welcome to the real world”? I feel like an ignorant Pollyanna for expecting something better. For expecting people to be able to have an intelligent disagreement. It’s discouraging, it really, really is. There was one thread  I just read. It deteriorated into pure hatefulness and ugliness. There was one yesterday where someone posted something very beautiful and innocent (an animal)  (can’t say what or they will recognize themselves) and the comments turned into crap~ absolute lack of compassion for other living beings, human or animal.

I believe the feeling of anonymity and safety of writing from your own space (as opposed to in the other person’s face) creates a bravado in people to be able to tell each other to f*ck off in no uncertain terms. People say things they’d never ordinarily say right in front of you.

Thank you to those who do post things that are uplifting and educational. And thank you  to those who can say “Goodbye” to those who spew hate with a click of a button and no name calling at all, it’s the easiest way and it doesn’t feed their hatefulness. (Unless you want them in your world.  I don’t.)

Ahhhhh, Dorothy, get off facebook and go back to Kansas……or Oz…….or wherever the peaceful beings live.

Afterword:  This post  sparked a debate on my facebook wall.  The question was this: Can we really make a difference to someone who is so entrenched in their own belief systems that they need to call you names when you disagree with them? I don’t know the answer to that. But I think we decided that it is, indeed, important not to turn a blind eye to injustices. By turning a blind eye and not saying a word, I think we somehow promote the injustice, and, if nothing else, by speaking out (without rudeness, insults or name calling) we can make someone else AWARE and this is a very good thing. So it becomes a very fine line between focusing on the positive and making manifest (by our focus) what we wish to see in our reality and speaking out when necessary. I suppose this is a decision that is guided by being in the moment and  using your own intuition in each individual situation.

Kathy Lee 5/1/2013

www. tigerlilysgarden. com


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