Return of the Divine Feminine


“Libra” by Josephine Wall

            We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the return of the Divine Feminine energies to our planet and how this will transform our patriarchal system. This is occurring now as we near the great shift of the ages .Not clearly understanding until recently, I imagined that the return of the Divine Feminine would be a kind of sweet, passive, nurturing, mushy-squishy energy.  How wrong I have been to imagine it this way.

The Great Mother has been in existence since the beginning of time. Over the many years, She became more obscure as the male patriarchy and their deities took over.  The Goddess/Great Mother is depicted in many ways.  There are many faces and personifications of Her many aspects.  The individual personifications are the parts that make up the Whole, which encompass the duality, the yin and the yang.   There are Goddesses who are healing, loving and compassionate, and conversely, on the other end of that spectrum, there are the Goddesses who are fierce warriors and destroyers.  Some Goddesses embody both aspects, such as Sekhmet, the Egyptian Goddess of healing. Sekhmet was one of the most revered healing deities but at the same time, She displayed fierce anger and was a destroyer.

Recently I was hearing a woman’s story about dealing with her grown daughter’s abusive boyfriend.  This man beat the young woman often and apparently, the young woman was unable to free herself from this situation.  One day the woman’s mother came over for a visit. An encounter took place between the boyfriend and the mother.  He thought he would be able to bully and abuse the mother as well as the daughter.  The altercation took place in the garage of the house and when the man became physically violent toward the mother, she reached for the nearest thing to defend herself with, which was a tennis racquet, and stopped the man in his tracks.  The man required a trip to the emergency room and several stitches.  This put an end to the relationship between the daughter and the boyfriend since he found that “mother” hitting him just wasn’t acceptable even though him beating the daughter was perfectly ok.

In another instance, a woman was tending her dying mother in the hospital.  The mother was in the end stage of a terminal illness having only hours or days to live.  The doctor wanted to subject the dying woman to an unnecessary and painful procedure that would serve no purpose whatsoever since the woman was already on her deathbed.  Why this was, one can only speculate, perhaps it was to get the last bit of remaining money out of the situation for the medical establishment.  The woman told the doctor in no uncertain terms to keep his hands off of her mother and furthermore to not send her a bill for her questionable services.  The mother was able to die a peaceful and painless death with her daughter by her side.

As I listened to the stories of these strong and courageous women, something clicked inside my head.  I heard a voice proclaim: “THIS is the return of the Divine Feminine.”   This is it. It isn’t more passive, doormat kind of energy.  It isn’t an energy that is stereotypically associated with females.  It isn’t the quiet, seen and not heard, do what you will kind of energy.  It is kick ass, powerful, strong energy.  It is women all over the entire world (and men too) calling out for justice of all kinds; calling out for justice, balance, peace, and clarity.  It is women (and men) standing up, standing proud and courageous and shouting, “We aren’t going to take this anymore.”

The return of the Divine Feminine energy is seen and heard and is very powerful.  It is people standing up to protect the rights of others, to protect our children.  It is protecting and preserving the planet and our natural resources.  It is people saying “enough is enough” and “no more”.   These things can be done in an atmosphere of love and light but there is also a powerful warrior aspect involved.  For the woman being attacked by her daughter’s boyfriend, being passive and “loving” would have only resulted in her being injured and the continued battering of her daughter. It was time for her to take a stand and she did.  For the woman in the hospital with her mother to be non-confrontational and passive would have resulted in unnecessary pain and suffering for her dying mother.  She needed to take a loud stand (against an “authority” figure) and she did.

When women come into our sovereign power (which means a woman who is the sole authority to herself), we are sometimes called “bitches”.  We are told we have “attitudes”.  This is an unfortunate, but natural, consequence.  The people who were accustomed to us being quiet, passive, non-resistant and non-confrontational don’t like the new energy we are embodying. They are threatened by our power and by their own loss of control over us.   We are no longer malleable to their purposes and able to be used to their advantage.  We have new boundaries and when someone crosses them, we speak up.  When we embody the energies of the Divine Feminine it can be so extreme that we lose significant relationships and we may choose to leave other situations or jobs.  Men don’t usually encounter this, since historically, they have been, for many years, the ones in command whose authority is not questioned.  It is the men who question and challenge the establishment who are singled out and told not to rock the boat.  The changes that occur are not to be feared, but welcomed.  The changes mean that people who will not accept who and what we are, are leaving and people who DO accept who and what we are, are arriving.  What could be more joyful than this?

The Divine Mother, Great Mother, Goddess (or whatever you choose to call Her) is many things.  She is both loving and fierce, healing and destroying, compassionate and angry.  Her expression and form are whatever is appropriate to whatever the situation calls for.  Her energies will transform our lives and the planet itself.  As Her energy returns, the planet will once again come into balance.  Patriarchal systems that no longer work will be replaced with fair and just systems that do work.  The earth will be once again revered and healed.

The return of the Divine Feminine reminds me of the story of Boudicca. She was an Inceni Queen during the time in which Britain was composed of celtic tribes.  The Romans came along and wanted the land that she and her husband (the king) owned.  The Romans killed her husband and decided to make a public spectacle out of her and her daughters by beating Boudicca and raping the daughters.  Of course, this was obviously and blatantly unjust (to put it mildly) and Boudicca was angry.  She amassed a great army and went on a rampage against the Romans.  She did much damage to their forces and killed many of their men.  In the end, she didn’t win, she was captured and the story goes that she and her daughters took their own lives rather than face the torture and ultimate death that they faced at the hands of the Romans.  Boudicca is a powerful example of female power when faced with injustice.  Although her story did not have a happy ending, she acted rather than passively sit by and watch the violations take place. The priestesses of old were considered to be physical embodiments of the Great Mother.  They were powerful, strong women who were greatly respected by their communities.  They also displayed the gamut of aspects from supremely nurturing to displaying warrior strengths.

So many teachings tell us to send love to whatever the situation is. Love is transformative but there also comes the time to speak out and act. We can speak and act loudly and still come from a place of love and light.   Even Jesus displayed righteous anger when he overturned the tables of the money changers outside of the temple.  We can also see examples of this in nature. Animals that are docile and nurturing become fierce and attack when their young are threatened.

The return of the Divine Feminine isn’t a license for anyone to become angry, confrontational and bitter but it is a force that encourages us to be true to ourselves and to protect and nurture what is ours, including our environment and our planet.  It is the force that allows us to take back our power and create the life that we dream of.  It is a force that liberates and empowers.  The Divine Feminine is a sublime, unimaginable loving and nurturing force but it is also stern and firm, much like a mother of a way-ward teenager.

Women, and men too, let us open to this power, let it embrace us, carry us and empower us.  It is inside of us. We have suppressed it for ages and now it is time for its reemergence.  It is a time of balance as we enter the new millennium and create the new earth.

As an afterthought, I was watching the movie “Avatar” again (for the 3rd time) a few days after I wrote this and there was a line in the movie that stood out for me because it echoed what I had previously written here.  “Ewah (the Great Mother~Divine Feminine) does not take sides, but She only protects the BALANCE of life.”….How very, very  appropriate.

Kathy Lee

5/28/11 (reposted 5/2/2013)

www. tigerlilysgarden. com


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