Vibrational Source Healing


Today, in celebration of my healing modality becoming trademarked (approved!!) , (Whoooo Hoooo!!) this blog is about the healing work that I have been doing for the past 14 years and an explanation of how it works.

Vibrational Source Healing is an energy healing modality, which was given to me by the Universe and has been utilized in my  healing sessions since 1999.  “Energy Healing” is a method of healing where the practitioner channels (brings  into their own bodies) healing energy and then transfers that energy to the client usually through the hands.

 I have  studied many sources of alternative and energy healing for the past 25 years. I  work closely with my spiritual Guides and Angels (and the client’s)  and rely heavily on intuition and “connection” with Source.   What began as following Divine and intuitive guidance has birthed “Vibrational Source Healing”. I have  received countless instances of confirmation of its effectiveness through her many clients. It has been an amazing, amazing journey! 

 Vibrational Source Healing is a system of tapping into “Source” energy ( the “Source” being God/Goddess/Divine/Life force energy~whatever you prefer to call it), which is the highest frequency/vibration of energy that exists and then channeling this energy to the client. Hence, the name “Vibrational” refers to the vibration of the energy being channeled. (So, it is the vibration of the “Source”.)  Everything in the universe, according to quantum physics, consists of vibration. The higher the vibration, the more beneficial the energies. For example, the vibrations of love and joy are very high, whereas the vibrations of hate and fear are very low. The high vibrations bring peace, balance and healing to any situation where they are utilized.

 Vibrational Source Healing is a simple method that results in the facilitating of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.  The name of the modality (as explained above) comes from connecting with the vibration of Source (the Divine/God/Universe) to facilitate healing and wholeness.  The actual healing method consists of my first making the connection with the Divine energy (by focus of intent and meditation, focusing my  mind).  What actually happens (because many people ask me this)  is that the client lies down on the massage table (or they can sit up in a chair), fully dressed, with pillows and blanket for comfort and  then I  gently place my hands on or slightly above the client (in the energy field) and channel the energy to the client in the areas of pain and/or in alignment with the chakras (energy centers) in the body. The client may experience different things including feelings of deep peace, relaxation, quietness of the mind, relief from pain, tingling sensations and sensations of energy surging through the body.  Some clients have told me about visions they have or bright colors that they see during a session. 

 The vibration of Source (the Divine) is one that offers complete peace and relaxation to the client in addition to clearing energetic blockages and supplying restorative healing energy. The client can expect to receive relief from stress as well as pure energy to facilitate healing of the physical body.  Divine energy is what has created the Universe as well as keeps our bodies functioning. It is Divine Intelligence.  Many clients tell me that their minds come to a complete stop when this energy is being channeled to them, thus giving them a respite from the constant worry and chatter of the mind. (Many fall asleep instantly.)  I have been blessed to see many healings take place and the relief of pain and stress in nearly every instance.  In the 14 years I have been doing this work, it has always remained a blessing and somewhat of a mystical enigma. (Awe inspiring, no words to describe it.)  I have never become jaded by the magnificent Intelligence of the Universe working through me. 

Kathy Lee (reposted on 5/13/2013)

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