Aligning With Your Frequencies and Burning Bridges


We have been being told, for a really long time now, that the veil is getting thinner and we will see everything for what it really is. This has to do with personal relationships to governments. I wondered what this would be like, what would really happen as the veil thins. I think we are finally getting a glimpse of it now and from what I understand, it will continue to grow thinner more and more of the illusion falls away.

Some aspects of this have been cool. I have noticed some things like when my phone is on silent mode  (when I am working with a client), I know instantly when someone else has called me. They just pop into my head. Then after the session, when I check my phone, sure enough, they’ve called, sometimes at the same minute when they popped into my mind. (I’ve started noticing the clock.) So the psychic knowing is developing and expanding with no real efforts on our part and that is kind of fun and exciting. Being more in touch with our spiritual guides and those on the other side is amazing. Being able to clearly hear them is such a gift.

Other aspects, though, have been shocking…. You realize things that you never really knew but maybe just suspected and hoped were not true. Some things are hurtful. When you start seeing the truth of what really “is”, you know where you are accepted and/or rejected and where you stand with people. Well, I guess, as hurtful as it can be, it’s much better than playing hypocritical games. I’ve never, ever been good at that.

We are being called to walk our talk now more than ever and I made a commitment to do this awhile back. I decided I had to be “myself” after spending many, many years of my younger days trying to please other people around me. You kind of get to a point where you say, “This is me. Take it or leave it”.  I have grown to like who I am. Although it’s not always perfect, I have gotten over a lot of my fear of being “different”. (And, boy, am I “different”!)

More recently, I thought I was accepted where I was not. This has been a hard lesson to swallow and face.  As time has passed, I have found myself more and more ostracized from certain people who were relatively new to my life.  I have tried speaking out about it, as have other people, only to be met with deafening silence. Silence can be pretty loud and unmistakable. It’s been hard on me. Very hard.  Maybe it’s as simple as we all want to be accepted for who we are. We all want to be liked. It sounds childish, but, really, deep inside, who doesn’t?

So when you find yourself in these scenarios, where do we go from here? I’ve heard a lot of people expressing the same things lately. They have trouble with family members, co-workers, people they thought were friends….all not being accepting….and being judgmental.  It gets rather sticky…and it hurts……you don’t even know who to trust anymore….but back to the question….where do you go from here?

Personally, I believe that what’s happening is the thinning of the veil (seeing what’s really there) and also the principle of “like attracts like”.  So we are attracting people, places and things that resonate with our energetic frequency. (We all have one). So things that do not resonate are falling away (or perhaps they are repelled?). I have also heard people say that this is a challenge to accept your true Divinity, shine your light and stay in your power. (Don’t allow people’s perceptions or judgments of you hurt you. Remember to know who you really are and that you are worthy no matter what anyone else thinks of you.)  Perhaps all these things are intertwined. Maybe what it comes down to is allowing the things to fall away that no longer resonate with you while maintaining your self esteem and not dimming your “light” (or who you are in ANY way) to fit in or please others. I also think it has to do with honoring yourself and your personal boundaries. Being on a spiritual path does not ever mean to lowering yourself to accept disrespect from anyone. The first and foremost thing is to LOVE yourself. Sometimes we forget that even Jesus said,  “Love your neighbor as YOURSELF.” When you set clear boundaries in what you will accept, and honor yourself, the Universe honors you as well and good things show up.

So if you have found yourself on the receiving end of rejection and judgment (and I am going to try real hard to take my own advice here!!), stay true to yourself, do not try to conform to fit what others think you should be. Own your own divinity and light and power and do not give it away to others who want to belittle you for who you are. (And, yes, yes, yes, I know this is so HARD when you are in the middle of it.) Sometimes you may find it necessary to cut ties (both real and energetic) with people who refuse to show you respect. Sometimes it is appropriate and right to choose to walk away.

I had a dream the other night that kind of summed it up. I was on the receiving end of a psychic attack (another person was sending me very bad energy). I knew I had to cut the energetic ties to make it stop, so that their energy could no longer reach me.  In the dream, I had a business card from this person and I knew I needed to burn it. (This is actually a very powerful releasing practice in real life, when you need to let go of something. I have practiced it often.) But in the dream, I was with another woman and we could not find the lighter or the matches. (Could this mean an inability to let stuff go that needs to go?) So we were chanting, “Burn, burn, burn!” meaning that it needed to burn. And at that point, I got loud in real life, the dream was getting freaky and my boyfriend woke me up before it got worse. (Being on the receiving end of a psychic attack is a nightmare, even when you’re just dreaming it.)


Ahhhhh, so, where am I going with all of this? I suppose we could summarize by saying, when you find yourself in a space where your energies are not in harmony with the energies around you, don’t take it personally.  (I can’t believe I just said that!) Take it as a challenge not to get dragged down to other’s levels. Accept the challenge to stand in your true power and KNOW your divinity.  You may even need to burn the connection and walk away. (Hey, maybe that’s why I keep seeing stuff all over about burning bridges?! I wondered about the significance of that!) And LET IT GO.  (And, yes, I will say, AGAIN, I know this is not always as easy as I am making it sound! Believe me, I am living it myself right now!) By “not take it personally”, I mean, know that you are vibrating at one frequency and they are at another and it’s simply not meant to be, that’s all. Pretty simple when you look at it that way.  When you free up the space that is being filled by people and/or things that you are NOT in harmony with, you will allow space for new people/things to enter that you ARE in harmony with. Keep this thought as the carrot that keeps moving you forward when it starts to get discouraging. Know, KNOW, that good is coming to you and don’t be afraid to let go of what is not working.


Kathy Lee 5/29/2013

                                                  www. Tigerlilysgarden .com 


3 comments on “Aligning With Your Frequencies and Burning Bridges

  1. The other side of this is to focus and nurture the relationships that we have that do match our vibration. Like you also have been doing. And perhaps seek out others like minded (or close enough to get along with) to be your new universe of relations. If we can’t bring them up to us we need to look for people who are trying to bring us up to their level. I saw a meme the other day that we are just the average of our 5 closest relationships, and they encouraged us no to be the smartest because there would be no growth there. I think we should also not try to be the wisest. To seek out people who know already what we need to learn and see if they couldn’t find it in their hearts to befriend us while we learn from them. This is beautiful my dear and I am glad to be a part of the group who gets you and loves what they get.

  2. Carlos Arias says:

    It should be obvious, but it isn’t.

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