Be Happy and Say F*ck


Be Happy and Say F*ck

I realized that I know a lot of spiritual videos where the teacher says the work “fuck”. Just as funny realization that happened because of a conversation that prompted me to think of these things.  (What a storehouse of information inside my head!)   I have actually gotten “in trouble” for being real. I’ve had spiritual “teachers” (note the quotation marks there) tell me that I was off the path and creating a negative reality for myself by saying and/or focusing on things that are not “positive”. (Again, note the quotation marks.) I have lost “friends” (quotations AGAIN) because of it….all because I can be a negative Nelly….sometimes. Or not? Maybe I am just real and real doesn’t always mean sunshine and roses.

I started  thinking about all of it. Life. Authenticity. Even how or why I am willing to share things that I share in blogs. Why?  Because it’s real. It exists. It’s life. It’s all a part of the whole. So, I say “fuck”. I get mad, depressed, I get anxious. Sometimes (often?) I lose my focus. I struggle with my issues.  (I am working on them, I really am~ for the sake of my own happiness!!) I am human. I have not yet reached enlightenment. I probably will never in this incarnation, although I do hope to worry less than I do now. I do hope to be able to say “fuck it” more often and then let things go…for my own sanity. And when we are more sane inside ourselves, then we bring more sanity to this crazy world…did you know that?  When we are open and willing to share our struggles, it allows others to know they are not alone in their own battles or what they feel.

So often lately I can see beyond appearances. I’d like to say I am a better person for it but I am not always. I can see that people act out because they need attention, they have to have the spotlight on them at all times.  Does this knowledge make me always have more compassion? No. Sometimes I want to just tell them to shut up and get over themselves. At times, I have no patience. (Sorry.) But seeing this has made me realize that so many of the people we think are irritating and obnoxious really are just struggling with their own self worth. By being real, we make it OK to feel what you feel, we allow others to feel what they feel so that they don’t have to resort to acting like jerks. (Control, power, superiority. Stop and think for a moment about WHY people act the way they act.)  I’ve been told I am not “love and light” enough.  Well, I really want to always bask in love and light, I really do, but sometimes I’m basking in pig slop at the moment and it just is what it is. Sometimes I’m climbing my way out of a deep, dark hole and hoping the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t the train. Sometimes it just is what it is.

By walking our spiritual path with authenticity we give others permission to do the same. We are walking proof of the “reality” of life. I want to say, that yes, there is a perfection to life. I believe that the Universe unfolds as it should and that there is a Divine Intelligence behind everything that happens. Many things happen for our good, but we don’t always realize it at the time.

The question just popped into my head, what IS spirituality anyway?  Really, what is it? I don’t know.  There are many definitions subject to individual opinion. (We have been told that “spiritual” people don’t cuss or drink or think negative thoughts.)   I think I need to look it up in the dictionary.

Spirituality: property or income owned by a church.


Ok, not quite what I was expecting, but that’s interesting.  Let me look up the word “spiritual”.

 SpiritualOf, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. (

If being spiritual is what it says above, pertaining to the the human spirit or soul, then I think all things are included in spirituality. The ups as well as the downs. The good, the bad, the ugly, the scary, the amazing, the awesome, the wonderful, the love and the hate.  It’s all a part of life on this planet. Perhaps the core of being spiritual is being real, being true, being authentic, because all things do pertain to the spirit and soul. What is in your life that doesn’t connect with your spirit and soul? You ARE spirit and soul.  We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin  Someday the body will turn to dust, but our energy, our spirit, is eternal. Energy  is never destroyed, it only changes forms.

It’s a journey, not to see who is the holiest or the most righteous. It’s a journey of discovery. The journey is the journey. Where are we going and why?  To find peace and joy and happiness. To hold each other’s hands along the way. To love. To accept. To laugh. To LEARN. To truly make the most of every moment. To live and let live.  Buddha said “May all beings be happy”. Perhaps it is as simple as this.

Kathy Lee 5/30/2013

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