Impacts of the New Energies: Releasing Negative Emotions


On an individual as well as global level we are going through a time of intense transition.  The consciousness of humanity and the planet is rising to a higher vibration in preparation for the leap in consciousness long predicted by the ancient ones.  Part of this process is the purging and releasing of the old negativities we have suppressed or held onto within ourselves.  We can the see the earth, herself, purging in the way of natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes.  We are being inundated with new higher vibrational energies coming into our planet and into us as well.  These new energies are affecting us in many ways.


     One of the ways the energy is affecting us is that many old, painful memories, regrets, hurts, (and ect) are surfacing in our lives.  Typically, these are the emotions that we did not process properly at the time they occurred.  We suppressed and/or ignored them and pushed them deep into our consciousness.  Now, these emotions are being pushed to the surface to be healed and released so that we can rise to a new level of higher consciousness.  I have heard many people expressing this.  Some of these people are aware of the changes taking place and many are not.  To those who are not familiar with what’s happening now, these surfacing emotions can be scary and perplexing.  Some people are blaming the surfacing emotions on unrelated events in their lives.  People are having emotions surface from as long as 40 years ago.


     Releasing the negative emotions is not a pleasant process to go through while it is occurring.  It can be unsettling and painful but there are some things we can do to make it easier.  Once we have released the negatives, our vibrations rise, individually and collectively, and we are lighter, freer, and happier.  Sometimes the process occurs in tandem with other life changes and it can feel like overwhelm.  Being patient, gentle and nurturing with yourself is important.


     When the painful emotions arise, accept them.  Allow them to be there as you observe them without allowing the pain or the “story” to become your identity.  You are the consciousness who is able to observe.  You are not the pain or the thoughts associated with the pain.  Allow the emotions to come up, sit quietly with them, feel them, watch them.   It is very important not to judge whatever comes up.  We have all made what we consider “mistakes”.  However, it is said that there are no mistakes, only experience and learning.  We all did the best we could do at the time.  Do we blame a child for touching a hot stove? No, they don’t know any better.  Touching something hot and getting burned is a learning experience for the child.  In the same way, we cannot judge or punish ourselves for “not knowing better” in the past.  We did not possess the knowledge and/or foresight that we possess today.  So, do NOT judge yourself.


     Another important tool you can use is the violet flame.  The violet flame is a transmuter of negative, discordant energies.    Visualize this flame burning in and around you.  Visualize it burning in each of your (chakra) energy centers.  This flame transmutes the lower energies into higher energies of light and love.  When you use the flame, you can feel the shift in energy very quickly.  


     Grounding yourself is another way to stabilize yourself and release unwanted energies.  Grounding also connects us with the stability and strength of the earth.  To ground yourself, take a deep breath and visualize breathing in life force energy and  as you exhale visualize pushing the energy down and out through your body and out your legs and feet and into the earth.  As your energy enters the earth, visualize that you are growing roots, like a huge old oak tree. 


     Doing daily mediation and chakra and energy clearing exercises also helps us move through this process with grace.  There are many different methods of doing this and many books written on the topic.  There are also many teachers and healers who are available to assist you in clearing your energy. 


     I want to repeat that the most important thing is to accept the arising emotions rather than running from them. Accept them, allow them to be there, observe them without judging them or yourself and forgive yourself and hold the clear intent to release the emotions.  Your intent is very, very  powerful.  When you allow the emotions to surface and be present while neutrally observing them, you will be surprised at how quickly they will dissipate. As you release the old emotions you are on your way to making more room for love, peace and joy within yourself and in your life.  

I wrote this a few years ago but it is just as relevant today as it was then, maybe more so today, since the energies continue to increase.
              Kathy Lee 6/4/2013 (republished)
                                 www. tigerlilysgarden. com

2 comments on “Impacts of the New Energies: Releasing Negative Emotions

  1. […] I wrote an article a few years ago about releasing emotions as they arise. I think it is just as relevant today as when I wrote it because the energies have actually increased since then.  Here is the link to that article (because it goes with this one)… […]

  2. Soul Fields says:

    Reblogged this on Soul Fields and commented:
    I had just been thinking about having material about the emotional body and emotional healing as well as about the mental body (on this new blog name/address as well), and here is a post that gets into the core of the emotional healing part. Thank you, Cathy. 🙂

    For the mental body part and for now I share this psychological article about recognizing cognitive distortions
    with a note that these are of course large issues with many connections and layers.

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