Energy and More Energy: Help!


This question was posed to me after I wrote an article about the impacts of the energies and how they affect us.    (


I have been feeling extreme emotional highs and lows. Last night I had an emotional break down that I didn’t fully understand. Will you say more about how you feel physically and mentally and emotionally when this is happening? Are you full of doubt about what is going on inside of you? I felt so lost last night and my husband had no idea how to react…so he just sort of told me to stop it…which lead to more panic on my part. I don’t usually have such intense bursts of emotion, but I have been “feeling it” lately and I just can’t figure out what I’m sensing: is it my own fears and “shadow side” or is it connected to something larger? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you for this post.

I wrote an article a few years ago about releasing emotions as they arise. I think it is just as relevant today as when I wrote it because the energies have actually increased since then.  Here is the link to that article (because it goes with this one)

The ancients in many cultures wrote about this time in history. What they said was that we would be moving into a time of higher human consciousness and toward a time of harmony on earth.  There are new, higher frequency energies impacting us right now. They arrive in the way of astrological influences, eclipses, solar flares and things like this. I call them “cosmic energies” for lack of a better term. These energies are to help us make this step up in consciousness. I have read that they are literally to “wake up” those who are still sleeping. For some of us who are already starting to awaken, they can feel very intense. Even those who are unaware of the energies respond, just like people do when there is a full moon. (They just have no idea why they feel what they feel.) So these energies come into us and we are aligning with a higher frequency/vibration and this can take some adjustment.


To align with a higher frequency or consciousness means we have to let go of the “old” stuff inside us. We all have old programs, memories, feelings  (and stuff) that we have bottled up and never released. In order to make room for the “new”, we have to empty out the old. So, when these new energies impact us, we are having emotional releasing taking place. If you are not fully aware of what is happening (and even when you are), it can feel horrible. You can feel like you are out of control and experiencing emotions that you do not understand. (To deal with them, read the link above  that I mentioned).

Someone wanted to know what you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. Well, physically there can be an entire range of symptoms. (If you are not sure, please check with your doctor.) Most healers have seen a “detox” occur after a healing session. The person can get sick and have diarrhea and even vomit before they feel better.  This is a physical release. I have also had releases of my own after taking on another’s energy during a healing session where I had to vomit when it was over. (Fortunately this is rare for me.)   It is kind of the same thing. Physically you can have stomach issues, aches and pains, all sorts of things. Remember, what is happening is that energetic blocks within your energetic body and physical body are being released. Energy is flowing where it previously had not been able to flow.  So, depending on where the blockages are in your body and energy field, is where you will feel physical symptoms.  Many times after a large energy influx, you might feel very, very tired. This is because you are integrating the new energies. Your body takes time to adjust.

This is a great list of “symptoms” written by Karen Bishop. She wrote this many years ago. I was unable to find the original article. I am not sure she still has a website.

This is a face book link and they have credited her with the information.

Mentally and emotionally, well, wow, this can be a doozy.  Sometimes foreign emotions can hit you from out of the blue and you have no idea what is happening. Does it feel crazy?  YES!  The person asked me if I was ever full of doubt.  YES!  I have had moments where I wondered if all of us on this path are all just a bunch of people with mental health issues. I have said to myself, “What if we are all just crazy?” Really, what if?  But I know that we are not. There is too much synchronicity in the way it happens for it to be random or group mental health issues. (Ha ha.)  When you start watching for patterns, you see correlations. I see correlations between solar flares, earthquakes and eclipses and astrological configurations. Things tend to get a little sideways during these times. But we should not think of it as “sideways” even though it feels like it. What is taking place is actually an energetic realignment and nothing can be realigned if it doesn’t get moved around. We are creatures of habit, not many of us enjoy change and so it doesn’t always feel good when things are getting rearranged in our lives.  This is where we have to absolutely, radically trust the process! There is an intelligence greater than our own human understanding at work.


The lady who wrote me asked if it was just her fears and shadow side emerging or if it is something bigger. It is both. Everything is connected. Individually, we are releasing, all kinds of stuff, our shadow sides, our fears, our traumas …anything that blocks us and holds us back is coming up to be released so that we can move forward into the new energy and new consciousness and be active participants in the “new earth”.   Collectively, the entire planet is releasing.  Old paradigms are falling away.  Thousands of years of patriarchy are coming into balance with the Divine Feminine energies. Things are changing. The evidence of this is everywhere. People are uprising and speaking out against injustice on the small scale to the global scale. Those who are tapped in and sensitive to this can feel the collective energies of all this change taking place. And, yes, yes, yes, it can feel ohhhhhhhhhh so crazy!

All of this can be really hard to explain to someone who does not understand and tells you to “stop it” when you are feeling and releasing these emotions. (I am responding to the lady who wrote to me here.)  If they are not open to at least trying to understand, then I would be inclined to say, save your breath. You can try and explain it, but many are not going to understand it until they are ready to and there is nothing you can do to hasten the process for them. We are all moving at our own pace on our paths.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers.  Sometimes I have a glass of wine when things feel too crazy. There are many new age teachers who will tell you that this is bad. You have to find what is right for you. There is no right or wrong with how you choose to respond to what can feel like overwhelm.  Many of us who are very sensitive to energies have had to find new ways to cope with all of it.  One of the most helpful tools I have found is to try and observe the emotion.  Say to yourself,  “I have the feeling of ______ inside me”  (fill in the blank) and watch the emotion. Try not to label it. Make it your intention to let it go. Don’t judge yourself for what you are feeling. Sometimes if you are able to just observe the emotion (like a third party), it will dissipate quickly all by itself. Try not to feed it by scaring yourself more (“What is WRONG with me?”) because this will only escalate the emotions unnecessarily. I have found that simply telling myself “This too shall pass” is very powerful because it reminds you that what you are feeling isn’t going to last forever and that tomorrow is a new day and chances are, you will feel better by then.

Like I mentioned in the earlier article, there are emotions coming up from many years ago.  These are all things we did not properly deal with at the time and we stuffed inside. Allow them to come up.  Forgive yourself. You did the best you can. Let them go and move forward.

I hope this helps. I do not have all the answers. I don’t think anyone does. Trust your intuition and what it is telling you.  Usually what you think something is, is what it is.  All of us are at a slightly different place in our personal evolution, so no two experiences will be exactly the same. Don’t let anyone tell you that what you are feeling is wrong or that you are not highly enough evolved or you “wouldn’t be feeling this”.  That’s just a load of BS.  The more sensitive you are, the more you feel. It is also true that the more pent up emotions you have not dealt with, then the more you have to release. It’s just logical. None of it makes you an unworthy person or less than anyone else so do not let anyone else tell you otherwise or make you feel this way.

The more accepting we can be of our process, the better off we will be. The more we resist or fight the process, the worse it becomes. From what I read, the energies are not going to calm down until sometime in 2014. I am not even sure that this is true. Intuitively, I feel that it may continue on for quite some time. There is great change taking place on this planet and it will take time for us to get there.  In the meantime, we need to go with the flow, don’t fight, accept, and trust the Universe that all is happening as it should and that it is all for our highest good.


Kathy Lee 6/4/2013

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One comment on “Energy and More Energy: Help!

  1. I had a psychologist work with me on anxiety and he taught me that I was anxious about being anxious. The feeling in my body, My arms in my case felt wrong and that would make it worse, so I couldn’t get a handle on it until he taught me that my arms feeling funny was no big deal. That’s how I deal with anxiety now. This is what you said above I think. I need to apply this to anger. I do get angry about being angry and I want that to quit! So I guess I have to learn to accept anger so it can pass… Right?

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