The Warrior Aspect


The Warrior Aspect

I got caught up in yet another conversation about people being rude and disrespectful and as it progressed and I shared my insights I realized that my spirituality is changing. The energies continue to refine us and it’s been very interesting. (“Interesting” is not the right word. A friend said to me, “It’s been one hell of a ride!”, that seems more of an appropriate description.)

The conversation went from “don’t take it personally”, to “you attract everything to yourself” to “everyone is a mirror for you” to “you should not react” when someone treats you badly. Well. To some extent, I can agree on these things. People behave badly because of their own low self esteem, so many times it is NOT about you. And, yes, we do, to some extent, attract what we are. (“Birds of a feather flock together.”) And everyone is a mirror for you……?? I have always had trouble with this one. Greg Braden talked about this in his book “The Divine Matrix” and gave me a better understanding. (Because I am not rude and obnoxious so to tell me that I attract mirrors of myself does not vibe with me.) Greg Braden explains it this way, things show up as mirrors to show us what we judge. It does also make sense, though, that if someone is a jerk, they’re going to be met with people who respond like jerks. As for the reaction, if you can drop the internal resistance, then good. If not, then not. We are human. We have human emotion. Some things hurt. It is not wrong or bad or “less spiritual” to express these things.

This being said, this is what I think. The Divine Feminine is returning. This is the balance between the yin and the yang energies. This is the time of the end of patriarchal dominance. I used to think that this meant everything was lovey dovey and sweet and love and light. Well, I haven’t thought that for a long time. I think it’s a time for women as well as men (this is not exclusive) to stand in your own divine sovereignty and speak out about what’s right. It is a time to stand up and speak out. Sometimes this means embracing the warrior goddess aspects. It means saying, “No more” to what is not acceptable. When we stay silent, we enable others to continue their bad behavior. I know this is radical, but this always comes to my mind. How did Hitler get to power and kill and hurt so many people? How? Where was everybody who should have been opposing his atrocities? This may seem an extreme example, but think about it. What happens when bad stuff is happening and everyone just sits back and stays silent?

This is taking place on a global right down to the personal level. It is time to take a stand. Many of the new age teachers tell us to only focus on what we want to see manifest in our reality. Again, to some extent, this is true. We do need to keep a positive frame of mind to create positive change. But at the same time, we do need to be aware of things that are happening and speak out when they are not acceptable. Westboro Baptist Church is one example that readily comes to my mind. They protest innocent people’s funerals because they feel that God is punishing entire areas and towns for sin. This is ludicrous. Other people have come forward to block this group of hate mongers from disrupting the memorial services of these innocents. There is the proper time and place to say “NO MORE!” We cannot turn a blind eye and a deaf ear!!

Two days ago, I responded to someone on my Facebook page in a way that I have never done before. They were continuing to post rude and inappropriate comments on some of my posts. It was uncalled for. I let it go on for a bit then on the final one, I finally had enough and asked myself why I was putting up with such disrespect. He was repeatedly getting away with it. I was enabling him.  (He thought he was getting away with it and that it was OK.  NOT!!) I finally responded, “WTF”….and I never, ever do that. Then I deleted him.

Just so you know, when you honor and love yourself, the Universe does MIRROR that back to you and you get love and respect in return. This, I know to be true, from personal experience.

My point being that the Divine Feminine Energy is returning to restore balance to the planet. It’s not always lovey dovey. It’s warrior. It’s standing up for what is right and good and just and fair. It’s speaking out on behalf of those who do not have a voice. It is keeping our own space clear and free from those who would think it appropriate to be disrespectful. It is honoring ourselves as well as our brothers and sisters, the planet and all  of it’s inhabitants.

Don’t let others silence you into submission or silence you in the name of “that’s not spiritual”. Because it is spiritual. Spirituality encompasses everything. The entirety, the whole, the yin as well as the yang. It’s time for balance. There is a time for sweet compassion and there is a time for the Sovereign Warrior in you to come forward.

Kathy Lee 6/11/2013

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