FANTASTIC and INSPIRATIONAL: Guest Blog: Jeanette LeBlanc


It’s funny because I’ve noticed that some people in the New Age/metaphysical community think they need to hog the spotlight. They get threatened by someone else’s success.  I strongly believe, I know, that there is enough success, love, abundance, happiness and all good stuff in the Universe for ALL of us! So again today, I want to share a blog that really touched my soul (I loved this!!)  This is freakin’ fantastic!!! Enjoy!!!! If you’re feeling stuck or down on yourself, this will give you a great big boost!

Guest blogger:  Jeanette LeBlanc  “You’ve Got to Claim Your Right to Rapture”

Check out her other writing and her art work while you are there.

Thank you, Jeanette, for your inspiration. 🙂


Kathy Lee 6/13/2013


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