Facing The Snakes ~ Summer Solstice 2013


Facing The Snakes

As we observe the Solstice today it is a time of powerful energy. We are realizing what we want…..and what we don’t want….and things are coming up to be released. Old patterns that no longer serve us need to go away. It can be hard to balance the focus on what we do want to see manifest as the old things are coming up for release.

I dreamed last night of a job I hated. (In real life I had this job for 13 years.)  I had agreed to do it one more time, for one day, in the dream. It was just as much of a nightmare (in the dream) for that ONE day as it was for all the time I did it in real life. In my dream, I vowed, “I will NEVER do this again.” Then, at the same time, snakes (which in real life, I have a terrible irrational fear of) kept coming into my house. I didn’t stop them. Then I was afraid of there being snakes everywhere I went in the house. Each one that came in was bigger than the last one. So finally I said, “Enough already.” And I started catching the snakes as they tried to enter my home. I would grab them behind the head and throw them out. They were huge. But they stopped coming inside and I stopped being afraid of them.

I think the analogies here are pretty clear. And what is funny is that I used the analogy of a snake the other day. ~ It was this. “If a dangerous snake comes into your house, you have to face it and get it out. But you would not go out into the woods and SEEK a dangerous snake to play with.” In other words, we have a CHOICE. When something invades our space, we have to deal with it. At the same time, we can choose not to purposefully seek out things that do not resonate with our spirits and try to “force” them to work for us.

The first analogy was that you can’t go backwards. You can’t accept (again) something that didn’t work for you in the past. You can’t go backwards. What is unacceptable, is unacceptable. And as for the snakes, well, (in whatever form) they’re going to keep coming and getting bigger and bigger and more and more invasive until you stop them and say “enough is enough”.

You have to reach inside and find your courage to be authentic in your life. This means honoring yourself. This means saying “NO” to people, places, and situations that do not nurture you. This means breaking away and following your own knowing and your own heart and what honors YOU.

Sometimes it is difficult. It causes big ripples when you say NO MORE. People get angry that you state your boundaries. This happened to me earlier this week. After many months (over a year) of issues with a person, I finally stated my truth. I didn’t name call or exaggerate, I stated the truth. Of course, they didn’t like it and there will be repercussions now as they tell their side of the story. They said I tore them apart. I stated truth. But when you’ve been a jerk and someone points it out, it’s never fun. No one wants to accept responsibility.  But you’ve got to be strong enough to stand on your own and, again, honor yourself. Sometimes you’ve got to be willing to even stand alone for a little bit but when you do this, the Universe will honor you. The Universe gives you what you ask for. When you accept things that don’t nurture your spirit, then the Universe sees your acceptance of this and you get more of it.

So today, on this day of powerful energy, take the time to realize what you need to say “no more” to. And also focus on what you DO want, what does nurture your spirit. Focus on your dreams and let go of what is dragging you down. So often things come along and they get so much under our skin that we stray from our chosen path, we get so distracted by the bullshit and drama that serves no purpose.  I was finding that I felt I had a disconnect in my spirituality, I wasn’t focusing on my work as I should have been.

Be sovereign in your power.  Let go of what isn’t working in your life. Stop trying to be someone you aren’t. Trust that the people who do love you and support you will be there and if they are not right now, they will show up. The right circumstances will present themselves. The right job, the right friends. It will all be there. So don’t be afraid to let go. Let go and let the Universe guide you to where you need to be and to the unfolding of your dreams. Don’t compromise the beautiful soul that you are.

Blessed Solstice.

Kathy Lee 6/21/2013

                                             www. Tigerlilysgarden. Com 


One comment on “Facing The Snakes ~ Summer Solstice 2013

  1. staraasved says:

    Wonderful piece.

    We often find ourselves in a place where we are hesitant to say no. We may be afraid it will have repercussions, or that it may hurt someone else as a side effect. Sometimes it’s just not easy because we need one thing we are getting from that relationship. I have been (and no doubt will be) in this space. But, in life, not everything is easy and there are times when we have to make the difficult choices.

    We just have to (from my perspective) give ourselves permission to let go and say no.

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