I’m going to keep this blog short and to the point. I have noticed a disturbing trend among the spiritual/metaphysical/new age communities. This trend is about telling each other that it’s wrong to “focus” on things that are “negative”. Now, while I believe that our thoughts and feelings are powerful when it comes to manifesting what we want to become reality, I do not think we can turn a blind eye to injustice.

Sometimes things do exist that we need to speak out about such as any kind of prejudices and/or discriminations and abuses. We also need to take a look at what is wrong in our world and societies in order to fix them. Yes, Einstein did say that a problem cannot be fixed with the same level of consciousness that created it and I understand what he meant by this, however,  I do not think we should ignore things and go live in our happy bubble and be in denial. (It ain’t a river in Egypt.)


I’ve been seeing this happening now for a long time. I think it’s dangerous. I think about things like Nazi Germany and the racial atrocities in the south and I wonder how these things were allowed to happen. Where were the people who should have been speaking out and screaming “NO” at the top of their lungs?


Just in the past few days, I have had one person tell me I shouldn’t “focus” on someone who needed mental healthcare and how hard it is to find it if you have no money and/or insurance (huge problem in this country), another person called it a “hardship” (REALLY??)  and defended their right to focus on what they want (which I was not arguing).  So. Ok. Really? Really? What should I have done? Gone outside and got a suntan? Would that have helped the person in need if I had just ignored it and stayed inside my “happy Kathy bubble”? Not focused on it, not thought about it, not helped? (I did help and they were able to receive some help before a tragedy occurred.)


No, sometimes you have to get up off your ASS and do something. Staying inside your happy little personal bubble isn’t enough. Thinking happy thoughts for someone isn’t always enough.

Someone else also made the comment “what we resist, persists”. I really used to believe so but maybe my eyes are opening and I don’t think so anymore. I believe there is a definite time and place to say NO.


There is a fine line between keeping your inner peace (which I believe very much in striving to do) but this DOES not mean ignoring everything. Perhaps it is an art to still speak out and DO something but to remain centered and calm in the process.

Today, there was an article about a celebrity who used racial slurs and how she should sincerely apologize  ( I posted on facebook) and the comment I got was that was that I am doing more harm to myself by focusing on it.  NO!!  I am raising awareness that discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation, (you name it) is WRONG and NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Nope, I do not agree that I am harming myself by focusing on things that are not cool.  There are many people out there who are gullible and naive. When members of the republican party came out and said things like “Women’s bodies can shut down a pregnancy”…not only was this wrong and ignorant but it was dangerous…because how many people out there BELIEVED this? How many people do not think for themselves and therefore are easy prey for those who would spread hate and lies (as if it’s acceptable)? An awful lot of people believe what they hear from “reputable” (ha ha, yeah, that’s sarcastic) sources like politicians and celebrities.

We cannot turn a blind eye and enable others to spread untruths , hate and bigoted ideas about anything. There comes a time to speak out and loudly say what is unacceptable. To ignore ignorance and evil is to participate in it. Remaining silent is to give your consent.


Now, I’m just going to go all energy/metaphysical on you for just a second. Now is the time of the Return of the Divine Feminine energies to bring balance back to the planet. (For more information: https://tigerlilysgarden.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/return-of-the-divine-feminine/ ) More and more I believe that the veil is getting thinner and thinner. What this means is that we are seeing the truth. It’s all over the place for me. I am seeing who people really are. We are seeing true motivations. We are seeing government and corporate corruption exposed more and more. Things can no longer be hidden on the macro to the micro. The energy of the Divine Feminine is back and it is not coddling or passive. It is the strong warrior aspect of the Feminine. (https://tigerlilysgarden.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/the-warrior-aspect/)

For those of you who remember “Fried Green Tomatoes” by Fannie Flag:  I say it’s time to go “Towanda”!


So stand up and don’t be afraid to speak out, lives and freedoms are at stake. (Please share if you agree.)

Kathy Lee 6/28/2013

http://www.tigerlilysgarden.  com


4 comments on “SPEAKING UP

  1. Carlos Arias says:

    I do agree! one can’t just play the angelic fool…

  2. Carlos Arias says:

    Thanks Kathy, I do agree completedly on this. Cheers!

  3. Betty says:

    Well spoken! Refusing to look at the “negative” could also be another way to keep your heart closed by not feeling the injustice that others experience. Taken too far, that attitude is just narcissism.

  4. maureen says:

    Effective message. Thanks. Yes, we cannot stay in a happy bubble – we must also move our feet. There is a fear of emotion, mostly getting stuck in a big emotion (which is not a good idea). We can address issues of social justice, civil right, health and food rights and many other issues by keeping a clear head, speaking rationally and effectively to others, educating others so they understand patiently. The part that is not helpful energetically is holding onto the BIG anger and screaming and playing a fool. that is misuse of energy – it wastes your energy and anyone else around you that is forced to be in your field. Always use your energy wisely and with integrity. Don Miguel Ruiz calls it ‘being impeccable with your word’. Yes, we need to speak up about a multitude of issues right now that affect humans and other living beings on this planet. If a person just cannot let themselves reach out and teach others – please send energy and light and prayers to those who are on the front lines raising the consciousness of the human family.

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