Start With Yourself To Be the Change


I decided that I’d rather be a passionate, compassionate, right brainer any day than a rational, logical, analytical cold and neutral  left brain person. To me, that almost equates with dead.   Which is why I don’t want to shut up about things that I feel are important. And which is why common sense and intuition trumps what can be “proven”. (The really funny thing about that, tho, is that I can’t always EXPLAIN why I “know” what I “know”, but my intuition is rarely wrong. So it kind of makes it difficult when you’re trying to tell someone something based on your intuition and inner knowing. Oh well. It is what it is and the right people will always show up who understand. Sometimes you just “know”. Things are just obvious to me.)  It’s frustrating as hell to try to convey what I feel sometimes to folks who are focused on not seeing. I guess that’s just a waste of energy, anyway.

I am not sure how I missed this but last night I was informed that Trayvon Martin  was killed 70 yards from where he belonged. (I was told it was not “his” house, but the house of his father’s girlfriend….so at any rate, it was where he was supposed to be.) Since I am not too visual about what 70 yards is….it is 30 yards less than a football field…..if that helps.

And knowing this has made me all the MORE livid. He was EXACTLY where he was supposed to be!!!

There isn’t much we can do except speak out. And continue speaking out. We can be the change. Be the change. So this morning, when I got home, there was a group of 4 boys outside my condo. (One lives there, the rest were his friends.) Ummmm, did they look “suspicious”? Well, according to what I’ve been reading; Yes, some would say they did look suspicious (which I think is utter bullshit). They were African American and didn’t have on spiffy clothing and one had his hat on sideways. And they were just kind of  hanging out (well, it is summertime) and maybe they weren’t moving too fast, either.  (AND FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT GET MY SARCASM, I AM BEING TOTALLY SARCASTIC. TOTALLY, UTTERLY 100% SARCASTIC.  THEY WERE NOT  SUSPICIOUS. THEY WERE JUST BOYS HANGING OUT.)

So I made a point to say, “Hey guys, how’s it going?” And they all spoke back and said “Hello” to me. I almost had the impulse to apologize to them. I really did. So the white woman said HI and was accepting to the black teenagers hanging out. It’s a start. We all have to start. Right now.

Be the change folks. Stop stereotyping. There are good and bad of all folks. Good and bad of every race, shape, size, religion and color. Good AND bad.  The suave, handsome, well dressed white guy could be a Ted Bundy. Think about it. Take the time to recognize every human being an  individual.

The change starts with each of us.


Kathy Lee 6/24/2013



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