Letting Go


The energies of the past couple weeks have been such that anything that we’re not aligning with is being washed away. We just passed through the Lion’s Gate, which was a potent influx of light and energy.  We are having the urges to clean up our lives in every possible way. We are in the process of removing everything that stands in the way of our spiritual growth. Some of this removal is voluntary and if you can recognize what and who needs to go, then you can do it yourself. I have found that if I ignore what needs to be removed, the Universe has a way of doing it for me. (Trust me, it’s better if you can recognize it and do it yourself.)

So, I spent quite a bit of time today removing people from my social networking. Some were out and out rude to me. Others were snide and non supportive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that everyone has to agree with me but I don’t want to be on a path of awakening and be surrounded by people determined to pull me down onto their level.  It’s time to let it go.

To each their own. I don’t judge how others choose to live. What I do get to choose is how I get to live. I get to choose who I have as friends. I can choose people who uplift me or who make me feel horrible about myself.

If things and/or people in your life are making you doubt the amazing, beautiful, shining spiritual being that you ARE, then it’s time to reevaluate and let go of them.  Wish them love and blessings and walk away.

As I clean out my space (on every level), I make room for more peace. I make room for more love and more joy. And as I eliminate those who want to hurt me and bring me down, I make more room for those who DO love me and want to be supportive of me. That’s what we’re here for, to love and support each other on this journey. And there are times we come to a fork in the road and it becomes right and necessary to part ways.

Life is too short to be bogged down with unnecessary drama and pain. There is enough drama and pain that we cannot control. These energies have pushed me into evaluating what needs to go out of my life and what needs to change. We are born to be joyful and loving and whatever robs your joy and makes you feel hopeless, LET IT GO.


Live and love and be happy and dance in the light. Happy clearing.


Kathy Lee 08/13/2013  www. tigerlilysgarden. com



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