Acceptance and Letting Go


North Carolina Summer 2012 171

It’s been an interesting observation that just because I am who I am and I choose to live my life in a very specific way and I have very specific boundaries (that are the same as many other people, but also different from others), that I have been attacked and hated. People have taken personal issues and spoken of them out loud on their facebook page. They have attacked and lied about me. Lied to the point that it’s not just an exaggeration, but it’s totally and completely false. I’m not on the page, so I can’t speak out in my own defense and only one other person has spoken out on my behalf.

It’s really given me food for thought. Everyone talks about tolerance and acceptance. Tolerance for people of other religions, races, sexual orientations. But when it really comes down to it, the truth is that people within a social circle who are already acquainted can’t even be accepting and supportive of people they know and have interacted with. They’d rather bad mouth and lie about you just because you’re a little different than they are. I asked for respect. This was the response I got: hatred, ridicule and lies. I never thought that asking for respect was a massive thing. Despite my spiritual path, it’s been incredibly stressful having to deal with this when I have done nothing wrong and I have not hurt anyone.

I chose to walk away from this entire group of people last week. I really believe Maya Angelou’s quote that says, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” I also got attacked for that because I chose to walk away for my own self preservation. It’s really sad to watch this happen. It makes me wonder how we think people who are really different can ever accept each other? Entire countries and religions accepting each other……when people from the same community are hateful of each other….?

I am not rude, jealous, petty, insecure, ungracious or brutal. I have tried to be accepting and loving toward everyone. When it gets to the place where people are attacking and name calling because they disagree with your way of life, then the self honoring thing to do is walk away and this is what I have done. In some ways, I feel sad and in other ways, I feel free. I know the Universe will bring me people who honor me as I honor them and who will respect my right to live my life as I see fit. As my mantra was for 2012 and carried over to 2013: I will not fight the river, I will let it flow where it may and trust the Universe that I am carried to where I need to be. Namaste.

Kathy Lee 08/18/2013    www. tigerlilysgarden. com


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