Radiant Transcendence


Things have seemed to be very difficult lately in my life and in the lives of many others that I know. The energies are changing and we are being transported into a new paradigm. I guess no one ever said that change was going to be easy.

My the veil has been lifting in my own life…and while this sounds like something wonderful, in actuality, it can be horrifying to discover that nothing and no one is what they seem to be. There has been quite a bit of what feels like betrayal and a lot of hurt. I have found myself floating in a place where absolutely nothing is at it seems. It’s been very unnerving and somewhat depressing.

I have a pearl that I love and I don’t wear that often, but today I was prompted to wear it. It got me started thinking about how pearls are created. They come from an irritant inside the mollusk. The mollusk tries to protect itself from the irritant and creates  a protective layer over it (the same material that it’s shell is made of), eventually, the irritant is covered and a beautiful pearl takes the place of what was the irritant.

Something beautiful comes from something painful.

This is a powerful metaphor for our lives. We are changing and evolving and growing spiritually and in wisdom. Sometimes it takes hurt and pain to produce something beautiful in our lives and our spirits.


So, even when we cannot feel it or see it….and we feel lost on the road of life….when we don’t know where we are going or where we will end up, we have to trust the process. We have to trust that we live in a beneficent Universe that wants only our highest good. We have to trust that all of our experiences are leading us to where we need to be. We have to trust that like the injury that becomes the pearl, that everything that happens to us is for our growth and greatest good. So when we are in the midst of hurt, betrayal and pain, hold on to the analogy of the pearl. All of our experiences are teaching us and leading us to where we belong and the day will arrive when we shine with iridescent  light as the pearl does…..

The pearl is a symbol of  overcoming adversity through radiant transcendence……….

Kathy Lee 8/20/2013    www.tigerlilysgarden.com


2 comments on “Radiant Transcendence

  1. Maria says:

    Dear Katy
    pearl is a very interesting living thing. When a sick girl wearing it pearl shines the most. Like if she fills with the one who suffers.
    I red your confession about verbal bullies. I think is best to see the one who appreciate you -I do like your gentle soul. Forget about the other one.

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