What I’ve Learned




What I’ve Learned

If you extract yourself from something unhealthy, you are brutal and abusive.
If you speak your own truth, you are “snarky”.
If you ask for simple respect you can expect to be insulted and slandered across the internet in public.
If you’re in the midst of getting trashed by others who are the popularity Queens, you will find out who your true friends are.

It’s been quite the couple of weeks for me. I am happy to have found out who is willing to stand next to me. I guess I never understood that so many are incapable of giving simple respect.(Quite the revelation.) I’ve learned it’s better to have one or two true friends than 100 fakes ones. Life goes on. Today is a new day. You go forward. You don’t take the baggage with you. You get what you give….and my blessing has always been, may you get what you give generously spilling over and over into your life. And last but not least, the Universe hates a void. When you eliminate those who are false, the Universe sends you those who are true. It’s all good.

~Kathy Lee 8/26/2013        www. tigerlilysgarden.com


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