Fall in Love With You!


This was a message by Meredith Murphy that resonated with me so much, I had to share. Be sure to check out her website.

 By Meredith Murphy, guest blogger


It’s time for you own feelings of positive self regard, confidence, self trust, clarity, freedom, expansion and health to open up more and more and more and flow freely.

And all of these are fueled by SELF LOVE.

In Fact 

If we were to name just ONE KEY 

to living the high vibe life, 

it would most definitely be 


Experience the joy, the relief and abundance of opening up and shifting and falling in love with YOU!

Be a thriving version of YOU!

 By Meredith Murphy http://www.expectwonderful.com


9/9/13 Kathy Lee http://www.tigerlilysgarden.com


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