Here’s To the Past


Wow,  What is with people today? Is anyone else having a really whacked day? I’ve talked to friends in their offices who are dealing with crazy people. One right after the next. We’ve decided to start hitting people in the head with our shoes. (Just kidding). Ok, so we did decide to say “fuck ’em”. (Not kidding) Ok, so we also decided to throw their keys on the roof when they leave them in the waiting area then can’t find them after they’ve created a giant nasty scene. (Karma is a bitch, especially when you help Her.) (Ok, just kidding again).

I know there’s an eclipse on Friday. It’s about letting go of all the old unfinished crap and moving forward. Maybe the energies are building already for the eclipse. I know things for me and many of us are finally coming to conclusion. I have read post after post after post about people seeing the “true colors” of people and ending friendships and relationships. Nothing is hidden anymore. It’s in the open, where all can see it, to be dealt with. And as I keep saying, it’s better to see things for what they really are than to be deceived. It’s better to have one true friend than an army of fake friends.

I’ve been watching beautiful souls being degraded, slammed, put down for just being who they are. Beautiful souls, listen to me,  you’re beautiful, you’re amazing, you’re awesome, you’re wonderful.  You always have been, always will be. Don’t let any of these people get you down just because they don’t like who you are. Your magnificence is a threat to them.  You shine, you radiate light. Don’t let anyone or anything ever dim your light. You’re amazing and we need you here. You contribute so very very much and you are loved by so many even when it seems that so many are turning their backs on you.

It comes to a point where you know that situations will never be made right, never be fixed, and never be the same. You know you ain’t even ever gonna get an apology for being the piece of shit that people say you are.  So the time comes to let it go, walk away, hold your head high and knowing that the void will be filled by something more awesome than you can even imagine. Radical trust comes into play, though, while we are in the process. For some of us, our lives as well as the world around us seems to be falling apart. Once you get past the part that feels crappy, it’s really liberating. It feels good to be free of the past. Free to go forward unfettered into new adventures. I can’t begin to tell you just how wonderful it’s going to be when you let go!  There is a giant shift taking place. The people who we belong with and who love and respect us will show up when we clear the space energetically by letting go of the old. We are finding our tribes. And in our tribes and soul families, we will build the new.
We’re building the new and we can’t do that on top of the old. Time to love and honor yourself first and everything else falls into place. Let go of what needs to go, whether it’s old outworn relationships or outworn methods of government that just aren’t working anymore. China wants a “de-Americanized world”. Things are heating up on a global as well as personal level. It’s time to focus on the solutions at a different level than on which they were created. (Einstein said that). Time to focus on WHAT REALLY MATTERS and say “fuck it” to the rest. Time to let go of what is weighing you down, holding you back, keeping you from your true purpose., let go of what is keeping you from your joy. Today is THE DAY. Right now, TODAY.  This very moment. (And spiritual people do say “fuck”).

I’m leaving the baggage at the baggage claim and I’m movin’ on. It’s time.

~Kathy Lee 10/14/2013    www.


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