Cut Those Cords and Break Free


I have heard so many people expressing that they have lost friends, some new friends and some very old friends. I’ve been going through the same thing myself. I have lost many people who I thought cared about me. (Well, you can’t really lose someone who never cared about you in the first place, now can you?)

For awhile now, I have been able to see through the illusion of what people want you to believe about who  they are. This can be enlightening, freeing and also horrifying and very sad.  When you realize that people are operating out of a very deep sense of insecurity and fear you’d think it would make it easier to find compassion. When you realize that this is why they attack you, you think it might be easy to find the love.  But, honestly, (and this blog is about being honest), it’s hard to muster compassion and love  when your face is smashed underneath their foot (or their boot?!) . (So there’s a massive lesson in here somewhere. Probably starting with why and how did I allow my face to get UNDER their foot in the first place? And then how to you find the love, forgiveness and compassion?) I think we start by realizing that we are responsible for 100% of everything we create in our lives. So, if we are attracting people who want to step on us, we have to look within at what we believe we are worthy of and how we created this. (But this is a different blog for another day.)

Today, I just want to talk about finally letting go and walking away. It’s in the stars right now. We are creating a new paradigm and anyone and anything that does not resonate on the same “page” with us, has to fall away. There is just no way around this. It can seem really sad in the moment but when you look at the grander picture of what’s happening, it’s all good. (And there was just a massive hawk outside my window…hawks speak to the need to look at things from a higher perspective.)  As my friend Patrick expressed, when our frequency is in a higher dimension, we are able to see right through illusions. We see what is real. In addition to this, we are finding and reuniting with our soul families and tribes. Trying to fit in anymore where you just don’t belong isn’t going to work. There is no pretending any more. I don’t even think it’s possible to pretend, even if you wanted to. Everything just kind of is what it is and if you can gracefully accept it and move on, the easier it becomes.

I think I finally understand about residing in different dimensions, too. And this does have to do with what I’m talking about here.  A dimension is not a “place” but a level of consciousness. A person who comes from a place of tolerance, love and compassion is never going to understand another’s need to judge and reject others based on lifestyle preferences (or whatever the case may be). It’s like trying to talk to some kind of alien. (Or maybe, who knows, talking to aliens might be way better!!) But the point is, they are never going to hear or understand what you’re feeling or trying to convey to them. They don’t come from the same place in their consciousness as you do. It’s neither good or bad, it just IS.  When you try to express your feelings,  what I have found is that when you’re truly just trying to express, they cannot hear it and they perceive it as a judgement on their character which they just throw back and you….and you get nowhere, it’s a waste of time and energy.

In my personal scenario, I know that I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I tried to fit in with people who were never going to accept me.  Ok. So I understand this. I messed up. I am trying to take responsibility for whatever drove me to try to fit in where I wasn’t welcome. (Again, another blog for another day.) When I asked that my boundaries be respected, I was met with great hostility. Knowingly or unknowingly, they have done a lot of damage in my life. What’s the lesson here? Listen, always listen, to your intuition and don’t try to swim upstream. If you’re not where you’re supposed to be, move on peacefully, before the Universe boots you in the butt to move you along. Unfortunately,  I waited for the boot.  (I can be like that.) Hopefully, the lesson is learned. Don’t keep waiting and waiting to see if people are going to change…once they show you who they are, believe it. Admittedly, I have had a very difficult time. I wanted to be heard. I can finally see that this isn’t going to happen. It would have been easier to accept that  folks just didn’t like me (and that’s their right, by all means) but their slander has hurt my work. (And I can even imagine someone dancing joyfully at that statement, in this moment.)  I have spent the last  15 years building a reputation and it all rests on my character and the quality of the work that I do. And my character was slandered horribly. So (again being extremely honest here), the lesson is forgiveness. I’m in the process of trying to learn it. It’s not easy. I wish I could sit here as the healer/teacher/writer and tell you that I have found some magical key, but I haven’t yet even though on an intellectual level, I do “get it”.  Sometimes there may as well be a million miles between the intellectual brain and the forgiving and feeling heart.

We cannot evolve or make positive changes in the world when we are surrounded by people who want to degrade, humiliate and treat us with disrespect. We have to make the most self honoring choice……….and that is to cut the cords and walk away. And as you do so, know that your soul family is showing up at this very moment.  Know that no matter how it seems, you are never alone. There are many who love you and support you both in the physical and etheric realms.

So I am urging you to love yourself, honor yourself and walk (no, don’t walk, RUN!!) away from anything that degrades you. You have worth just because you exist. You don’t have to try to prove it to anyone else or go to their level just to gain their approval. You don’t need it. The Universe and all your angels and guides approve of you and love you. Just tap into this higher energy and break free so you can start soaring….. You are a bright star, made to shine.

I want to close with an excerpt of the (astrology)  Pele Report for Oct 16, 2012 by Tom Kaypacha Lescher (link will follow) :

“Mercury is friends. North node of the moon is new friends, new communities, from past lives. The nodes have to do with people that you have brought along, people we have met before. It is a time of establishing new karmic relationships and breaking old, limiting relationships. Tap yourself into a new dream, new life, a new way and see that this too shall pass. That so many things in this temporal, time-space world are not secure and don’t last forever. Heal that wound of separation from Source. Through meditation, through whatever means you use to access your intuition, your imagination, and go beyond. Make the effort, make the break, take out your sword, cut the cords and go beyond where the life guard is watching.”

~ Tom Kaypacha Lescher Oct 16, 2013 Pele Report ( (written transcript


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hear people saying, “Quit blabbing about it already, go forward, the past is the past”….but the truth of what’s inside me, at this point in time, is that it is STILL affecting me. I am STILL trying to heal it. And not only that, I see a LOT of people expressing precisely the same exact thing. Don’t let the dogma of the new age/metaphysical community make you think that your emotions are a bad thing. What you feel is never bad, never wrong, and never should be suppressed to be a happy Pollyanna. I do agree, the faster we understand, the more we can accept, then more we can truly leave it in the past and move forward. So take time to process (that’s why it’s called a process!!) and feel your emotions, then shift your thoughts back onto the GOOD things and GOOD people and GOOD scenarios in your life and focus on that. And try very hard to be like the hawk and look at it from the Higher Perspective and KNOW that ONLY GOOD is coming to you.

In Tom Lescher’s words (because I love them),

Aloha, Namaste and Soooooo much love,

Kathy Lee 10/22/2012

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One comment on “Cut Those Cords and Break Free

  1. Steve Hanson says:

    wow i posted about doing this in my own life at almost the exact time someone shared this in pleiadian group i am in on facebook thank you for writing it are you pleiadian to?

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