Family Reunion


What a quiet night of contrasting emotions. My aunt passed away at 7 pm this evening (Oct 31). I was sitting here thinking, “rest in peace”? … way…..there’s a huge family reunion (party!!) going on, on the other side of the veil tonight as she sees her mother, father, stepmother, 2 sisters, brother and husband and many other family and friends once again….can you even begin to imagine? The reunion. The welcome home.

I was thinking of the many, many who have crossed over in the past few years……I think the party on the other side tonight is better than any of the parties we’ve had here….Remembering and honoring all you tonight who I have been gifted to know ….and all of those ancestors who paved the way before my time so that my own life could be….. I light a candle for all of you, and I hope from time to time, you will stop in to visit. 

Kathy Lee   10/31/2013


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