A Moment in Time ~Impermanence


A poem I wrote in 2002.  In every ending there is a new beginning.


Right now is all we have

Only today

So I take what you offer me and hold it close to my heart

Today our souls touch and we share, we laugh,  we play

We dance this dance called “life”

We gather strength from each other

We touch, we connect, our bodies unite and for a moment we become one


In this moment in time

You are here

And I am here

I feel love and I am thankful

No promises

Only you

Only me

Only now

It is what it is

I accept it

I embrace it

I reach for you and I hold you

With open arms

For you are always free to go

Someday we will say “Goodbye”

This we know

I wish this wasn’t so

I will have asked you to stay

I will cry

I will watch you drive away

And I will let you go

I will be thankful

That we walked together for a little while

But today

You are here

I am here

You sit quietly by my side

I inhale your sweet scent

And I am thankful for this moment

I will be thankful for every touch

Every kiss

Every smile

Every secret we ever shared

I will be thankful that you touched my heart

Of this you can be certain

We have walked together in lifetimes before

We will walk together in lifetimes to come

My love for you will live on quietly inside my heart

Every ending is but a new beginning

And I will look toward the sun.


~~~ Kathy Lee (2002)           http://www.tigerlilysgarden.com


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