The Time is Now

Everything is shifting. Awakenings are happening. (So many articles about it that I’ve seen in  just in the last few minutes, today, wow.) The truth of everyone and everything is being revealed, often more and more coming to light on a daily basis. It’s been liberating as well as shocking and enlightening and horrifying all at the same time. But it’s all good, all part of the plan. The Maya (illusion) is falling away. We are seeing the truth of what is in our personal lives as well as globally and collectively.

People are also choosing to leave the planet as the vibrations become more and more intense. I’ve never personally experienced so many deaths in such a very short time (since Sept 2010). I’ve probably personally lost about 50 family, friends and clients in the past 3 years, more than most people say have passed in their entire lifetimes. (But this has also been part of the prophecies.)

This is a fantastic article (below) compiled from many sources. Last night I was reading again the Hopi prophecies …and it is amazing how many prophecies are coinciding at this time, even Biblical prophecy echos indigenous prophecy. I have to wonder if this comet Ison is the Blue Kachina the Hopi’s spoke about. This is well worth reading. If you have never read the Hopi prophecies, that’s also something worth doing.

I’ve personally been reminded to be myself during this time, more than ever, despite the rejection I have encountered. By being who we are and holding our own vibrations,staying grounded and centered in the HEART, we find the others on the path and the tribe comes together. I am very deeply blessed by those who walk this path with me. It would be very lonely without all of you. It’s time to step out of the fear and act from the heart and stay grounded in love as we progress forward. It’s not a time for the faint of heart anymore. Those who will move forward and create the new will do so from the heart and a place of love where there is no fear.

~Kathy Lee (

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~Kathy Lee 11/21/2013


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