You Are So Perfect and You Are Loved More Than You Know


Dedicated to someone very special to me and to all of those who feel alone, abandoned and unworthy in this big world.

There is a quote that says something like “Be who you are because you never know who will love the you that you hide”….and this has been swirling around inside my head for weeks now. Having come out of situations where I was judged for being too “weird”, too “hippy”, not being able to party like the others, not able to drink enough or to  fit in… (yeah, I know, weird shit to be judged for, but whatever) ……I guess one might say I’ve developed a bit of a complex that wasn’t there before all of this. And the thing is, I don’t want to be “like” anyone else. I don’t admire the folks that I was different from. So what’s the problem? I suppose that  when we are harshly judged by many, the tendency is go inside our shells. Human nature? I guess.  We think twice before letting strangers know who we are and what we’re about. We wonder if we will be judged harshly and rejected, yet again. When trying to make new friends, I have found myself thinking twice about everything.

And I’ve decided I don’t want to do this. No. No. No.  I don’t want to live this way. I’m not part of “societal norm”. I’m also not a part of many select groups that many people find popular.  I don’t want to fit in, I don’t want to conform and I do NOT want to censor myself. So, I can’t list all the movies I’ve seen. I’ve never listened to the rock music of the 80’s. I can’t tell you what songs Bon Jovi or Aerosmith or Kurt Cobain or Whitesnake sang. I’ve never done a drug harder than Mary Jane. But I’ve done a lot of other things are are uniquely “me”.

Most importantly, I raised two extraordinary, incredible sons, who are the most amazing, compassionate men that I know. And….. I do love music. I can tell you anything you want to know about country music. I love a good concert. I love to dance and I love to have a drink, especially tequila on the rocks with a lime. I’m a horrible cook and housekeeper. But I’m great at throwing knives, darts and bowling. (I have good aim, go figure.)  I’ve read more books than I can count anymore and they’re taking over my house.  I don’t watch TV except for when Ancient Aliens is on. I love cats. I am spiritual, just because I am. It’s not a quest to be better than anybody…I was just born with a connection to the Universe that I cherish. It’s who I am. I am a healer for a living (it’s my job, I’m good at it and it keeps the roof over my head) and I can feel the energies of the collective and the planet and of individuals.  It is what it is. I am compassionate and empathic probably so much so that it’s to my own detriment. Oh well. I am very eclectic in my belief systems, I take what serves me and leave the rest. So I’m a Pagan, Eastern, Shamanic, Native American, Celtic, Buddhist, Taoist, teachings of Jesus, Gnostic gospels, fan of Ekhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Abraham, healing witch, and probably a few more things!!  (Phew, I just said all that out loud.)  And I use the word “fuck” quite a lot. (Cause spiritual people say “fuck”. Yes, they do, all the time.) I can tell you a whole hell of a lot about healing (spiritually) and physically and I know all the words to “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and “Southern Cross” and can remember quotes and the words to songs from 40 years ago but I can’t remember what I needed at the grocery store.  (Quite the combination, but aren’t we all?)  And sometimes I get messages from my guides, angels and the Universe. And sometimes I don’t. I’m about as authentic as they come because I have no patience for hypocrites or playing games. What you see if what you get. And if you like it, then good. And if not, then keep walking and use the door. Or run. FAST.  It’s all good.

I have days where I am full of love and light and  all about healing the earth and I have my moments of cutting loose and running away and saying “fuck you” to everyone and everything and having a really big tequila while loud music plays and I dance till I’m exhausted.  (Oops, there’s that word again.) Because I am HUMAN. Sometimes my faith is strong and sometimes it is gone. (Hey, that rhymed, I’m a poet and didn’t know it.)

So, what I’m trying to convey today is that you are perfect just the way you are. You really, really are. You don’t have to try to fit the molds society tells us that we must fit into. We don’t have to adopt the newest styles. We don’t have to adopt the newest trends and ideas and thoughts. We can reject it all. We can also accept it all. It’s our choice. It’s your choice. It’s my choice.  We can be who we are. We can be original versions of ourselves. We are free to think outside the box. ALL. THE. TIME. We don’t have to go around with this massive chip on our shoulder that says, I’m smarter and better than you. It’s not attractive. Just be YOU.  Everybody is on their path. Live and let live. Be yourself and have a good time doing it. Stop caring what others think or if they judge you. If you have folks in your life who want to drag you down and beat you up, love yourself enough to WALK AWAY.  Ok. RUN. FAST. FASTER!! (And if they’re family or coworkers that you absolutely cannot avoid, then limit your time with them as much as humanly possible.)  Life is too short to be beat up for who you are;  way, way too short, this is one thing I know for sure. Because you are ENOUGH. You are GOOD ENOUGH just the way you are.

And hey, the right people will show up. They really will. When you let your own individual light shine, you will attract those people who are vibrating on your same frequency. Yes, they will tune into the same channels. (What a great analogy!) If you’re single and you hide, the one who  will really will fall head over heels (oops, I made a typo and wrote, “head over hells”, ha ha,  was that a Freudian slip or what?!) for the real you will show up. But if you’re hiding, they will fall for a facade. And as we all know, facades all have to come to an end eventually.

So yesterday I was told that I was speaking “USDA Class A Bullshit”. That actually sounds pretty intriguing because I never knew the US Dept of Agriculture rated bullshit, but if they’re using it as fertilizer maybe it’s important to be Class A. Who knew?! So perhaps I should be proud that my bullshit is Class A. I mean, whatever you’re going to do, you might as well be the best at it, right?  If you’re going to spout bullshit or spew it (yes, I have been told that I do both) you might as well spew the best. OK. So.  No, no, no, NO.  I’m really just kidding. If someone tells you that your thoughts and feelings are bullshit, it’s probably better to stay away from them. Because we are all entitled to what we feel and what we believe as long as it hurts no one else and does not infringe on the individual rights of others. (As long as they don’t think it’s their right to kill or hurt… get my point…..I’m over-explaining again..). You get to a place where sometimes you see that you and people in your life may never see eye to eye. You may never agree. And if you can’t agree to disagree (NICELY!)  and their commentaries are an assault on your dignity and totally lacking of respect, then it’s time to say “Goodbye”. It becomes unhealthy for everyone playing the game. And it IS a game.

So, back to the point I was trying to make. You are perfect. I am here to remind you of that. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are not alone in this world. Be your radiant self and you will draw those to you who are able to SEE your light. (Remember, there are many colors in the rainbow,  many spectrums of light.) This isn’t just a message about me. This is a message for anyone who feels alone, abandoned, betrayed and unworthy. Open yourself to the wonders of YOU and the Universe and the Great Mother/Father God will honor you and deliver to your door everything that you need. Expect a miracle. Know that YOU ARE A MIRACLE. You are a gift to the earth, there is only one of you, in all your unique beauty and magnificence.

~ I love you. Image

I close with a video. I challenge  you to watch it without crying. “How Could Anyone Ever Tell You, You Are Anything Less Than Beautiful” by Shania Noll.  It looks like it was filmed in a facility that helps handicapped people which makes it even more compelling when combined with the lyrics. Take a moment to watch. And know that not one of us is anything less than beautiful. And I’m sorry if someone has told you that you’re not beautiful because they couldn’t be more wrong.

With grace and blessings,

Kathy Lee 11/26/2013 

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