That’s Life

William Parrish:  It’s hard to let go, isn’t it?

Joe Black:  Yes it is, Bill.

William Parrish:  And that’s life… what can I tell you.

(movie quote) “Meet Joe Black”


Life is an ongoing process of letting go and moving on.  It is a constant “let go”. Constant. We lose lovers, friends, jobs……..beloved friends, family and pets pass on to the other side. Life is a never-ending “let go”.  It’s a challenge to be able to drop the resistance and accept what is. Maybe once we are able to come to terms with this, life becomes easier. Buddha taught non-attachment, because nothing stays the same. Nothing is forever.  Nothing. If I ever got a tattoo, it would probably say, “Let it go”. Just take a deep breath, exhale and let it go.

There is a quote attributed to Buddha that says:

“In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you let go?”

Most things we cannot control so we have no choice but to drop the resistance, feel the feeling, and move forward into acceptance. I have lost many people I cared about to death since 2010. (Of course, they’re never really lost but we still miss them in the physical realm.)  I have lost people who I thought were my friends  (for many years) who decided I wasn’t worthy to remain in their lives. I have lost folks (who are still living and breathing) who I truly thought loved me. Many of these things have been painful beyond belief. It’s hard to face up to the knowledge of “what is” rather than cling to  the illusion that was so  comforting to believe. But I think we’d all rather live in truth than live in lies, even when the truth is painful.

As difficult as it is, I believe that we are on a path. Everything that comes to us or happens in our lives is for our spiritual growth and evolution. Circumstances make us grow, they make us a stronger person, they make us more compassionate to the suffering of others, they expand us spiritually and they actually move us forward, whether we realize it or not.   As our planet and the consciousness of humanity ascends to a higher level, we cannot bring with us the things that do not match the “new” frequency and we have to leave things behind. What is meant to be with us, will stay with us. Other things, people and situations have to be left behind. I have said this before and I will say it again, this time that we are living in calls for radical trust.

I think Karen Bishop summed up the times that we are living in very well in her latest article about the energies: , if you have experienced great loss, I suggest that you read it.

I am grateful for the friends who have been able to stay with me through the transitions. I am grateful to the new friends who are arriving into my life. I trust the benevolent Universe, who, in the seemingly wiping clear of my “slate” is preparing my life for something new and wondrous. So I continue forward, to the best of my ability, and look for the miracle. I don’t believe in denying my life experiences, as I know I am here to help others, so I speak.  I don’t believe in pretending or  living an inauthentic life. I am aware than when you speak your own unique truth that some people are angered and/or threatened by it but you can’t allow opinions of others to silence you into submission.  In your speaking out, others who are facing the same trials know that they are  not alone. And sometimes just knowing that you are not alone is enough to get you through it.

There are friends and angels just waiting to take your hand. And it may be that you haven’t met them yet……….. let go, move forward, be courageous and have faith.

Kathy Lee 1/15/2014


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