Sovereign Unto Yourself


“STOP BEING SO DAMN AGREEABLE. When you have boundaries and speak your truth, people are going to call you names and leave your life. They LIKED the you that was a DOOR MAT. So let them go. The ones who have true respect for you will stay. Let it go. Let them go. We are clearing the debris. Make space for the new. Embrace the warrior~ bitch. When you call people out on their bullshit and demand respect , they DO NOT LIKE IT. They liked the “you” they could USE. THIS IS NOT WHO YOU ARE ANYMORE. Warrior ~ Bitch ~Queen~ Goddess~ Sovereign ~Return of the Divine Feminine. Stand firm in your power.”

~ Kathy Lee 1/20/2014
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One comment on “Sovereign Unto Yourself

  1. Kathy Lee says:

    We Are Powerful Sovereign Beings…Ascending Masters – 1/28/2014

    It seems that every time I write an Ascension Note I speak to how intense the energies are. This time is no different…more intensity. ~ Ascension: Soulstice Rising

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