Dance for Joy


In my neighborhood there is a young man with Down’s Syndrome. I see him jogging every day, faithfully. I watched him train with his trainer before he went out on his own. He’s been around for awhile.  He wears his matching sweatsuit and his swim goggles and ear phones. Even though this young man doesn’t know it, I love him and he brightens my day every day when I see him. Today, he especially made my day. He was standing on the corner (waiting to cross the street) and it was 45 degrees (which is FREEZING for us here!) and not quite 8 am. And he was dancing. I don’t just mean bobbing to the music, I mean, DANCING. He had his moves down and was doing them with every ounce of enthusiasm that he possessed, complete with his swim goggles on. He was truly a sight to behold.

I smiled and then I laughed…..not at him…..but with him… his pure unbridled joy. His joy was contagious and he made my world a brighter place.  He was oblivious to whoever might have been watching him. I had the impulse to get out of the car and join him.  He was freedom personified. He was living his life and having the greatest time of it. And he made me stop and think how often we are afraid to be who we really are. We are afraid of rejection, afraid of what others might think of us. Some of us can’t dance until we’ve had a few drinks. What would it be like to drink of life and dance for sheer joy? The joy of just being alive? To just be happy for the sake of being happy? We can all learn from this young man and live lives of joy, love and freedom…….and be who we really are…….starting now.


Kathy Lee 1/23/2014


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