I woke up like this.

I agree wholeheartedly with what she has to say. Keep the faith, sister. You are not the “C” word, not by a long shot, that any ignoramus calls you. I find it disgusting that men use this word so carelessly in regards to women. It shows a lot about their character. You can be slow in traffic and it’s a word that gets thrown at you. Yeah, I agree, let’s be more careful and intelligent with the words we choose to use. ~ KL


2 comments on “I woke up like this.

  1. doc664 says:

    Well said KL. The person who made that comment was just being hateful.

    • Kathy Lee says:

      Nobody called me the “C” word, but I’ve been in the car with men who say it freely to any woman who they think is impeding traffic in any way shape or form! It really gives you insight into what some men really think of women …..

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