Welcoming the New Dawn







This week has been very intense energetically. What I continue to see (with others) and experience for myself is the absolute rearranging of our lives. We are having friends fall away who have been in our lives forever. We are experiencing physical symptoms that are strong enough to send some of us to the hospital. I sat last night and said to someone, “There is SOMETHING going on. I can feel it. There is no doubt.”  Maybe it’s time to trust what we are feeling and embrace it. I’ve written about this many times before, but for those who may be new to this, I will summarize it. We are in a time of intense planetary change. This time of change has been prophesied in many cultures and religions. Perhaps two of the most well known are the Hopi and Mayan prophecies. This is a time where the consciousness of humanity is rising to a higher level (collectively).  Many of us had hoped for an easy *poof* and everything would be new. But, of course, great change does not occur overnight and it is a process….and sometimes a painful one.

In plain language what this means is this: we are changing energetically and vibrationally. (Everything carries a specific frequency or “vibration”.) Things that do not reside on our same frequency are leaving our lives. This is not a judgement, it just is what it is. Many people are losing long-time friends, leaving relationships, leaving jobs. This has been going on for quite a while now but it seems to be accelerating and intensifying and if you do not understand what is happening, then it can feel very scary. Other things that are happening is that we are experiencing physical symptoms that do not make sense. (Always seek medical care if you are unsure.) Some of this is our bodies reaction to the incoming energies that we are unaccustomed to. It can feel like you’re plugged into an electrical outlet. Other reasons for the physical symptoms are that we are releasing old trauma and pain. It has to come up to the surface, be felt, be acknowledged and let go. Another thing that is happening collectively and individually is that the “veil is lifting”. What this means is that the truth of all things is coming out. Nothing can be hidden and nothing remains unseen. This is applicable to our private lives (seeing the “true colors” of those around us, lies being revealed) as well as the public (government corruption  and cover-ups being revealed, corporate greed and control being seen for what it is, ect).

I have known all of this was coming since about 1999, when I seriously got on my path. But even when you know what’s happening, it can still be very disconcerting and very strange. I can always “feel” stuff but I’m not always given the discernment to actually interpret what it is I am feeling or why.  Perhaps this is a signal that I need to go within and listen to my inner guidance and the Divine Wisdom that comes from the heart of the Universe.

Right now is a time that we most need to be grounding ourselves and meditating and loving ourselves above all else.  We also need to accept the process of what’s taking place in our lives and not fight the process of change. It’s a losing battle. No matter how hard we try to hang on to the way things are, they are NOT going to stay the same. It’s much easier to let go than have whatever it is wrenched out of your closed fist. There are tremendous amounts of energy coming into your energetic system, your bodies, and your life. Apparently, this past week, there was another huge influx of light that came to our planet. A really great analogy for this is that these huge influxes of light wash away anything not like itself. We are “washed” internally as well as our external environments being “pressure washed” as well.

We are also being called to stand in our own true power and be authentic to who we are and what we believe. It’s no longer a time to be bashful and hide and censor our thoughts. It is a time to stand up for what is right and just. The more people who speak their truth authentically from a place of love will empower others to do the same. (And together we can be the change. We are the ones we have been waiting for. There is no one else who is going to do it for us.)

There is a dimensional shift that is taking place. A dimension is not a “place” but a state of consciousness. We are moving into a higher dimension. Dimensions can exist together all at the same time. But what this means for us individually is that until everyone is operating from a 5th dimensional consciousness, there will be some separation. If you are in a 4th or 5th dimensional consciousness, then you won’t find yourself hanging around with folks who are still operating in the 3rd dimensional consciousness. We’re all still here, but we will find that we won’t be interacting so much. For some of us, it may get to the point where we won’t be interacting much at all with the dimensions other than our own. (A perfect example of this is, have you ever noticed a person who complains about everything, they are never happy, and every place they go, they encounter a problem or issue? I have known people like this. They are encountering their own vibration. On the other hand, people who are joyful and loving can live in the same  city where there is all kinds of crime and hate and rudeness and yet rarely encounter an individual who is mean or rude. ~ That’s how it works.)

Some people feel that 2014 will be a gentler year, filled with more joy and less anguish. Others feel that 2014 will be even more intense than the last few years were. Personally, I feel it’s a very individual thing. The more clear you are within yourself, the easier this coming year will be. If you’ve dealt with your issues, released your traumas and your fears, let go of what no longer serves your highest good, then the energies have nothing to butt up against inside you. It’s clear sailing. The energies can come into you and sail right through you, energize you, then exit into the earth. You become free and joyful. There is nothing left to attach to or hold on to. The energy can’t get “stuck” in you anymore.  But, and this is a big “BUT”, if you have not done your inner-self work, if you have not recognized your issues, released your fear, allowed your traumas to be released….if you’re still desperately trying to hold on to what no longer serves you, then you are in for a bumpy ride. You’re going to get dragged along. The energy comes into you, and it hits up against all these things inside you in your energetic field and it does NOT feel good at all. The energies  hit a block and you feel like a trapped animal. We first need to heal ourselves then we are able to effectively help others and the planet.

I would love to get a tattoo on my arm that simply says, “Let it go”.  Personally, I need the constant reminder. We are in a river of life. A river of change. And there is no holding this river back, pushing this  river or swimming upstream.  It is taking us to where we need to go. It is a process. But if we understand that the changes happening to us are for our own highest good, then it makes it much easier. If we work on ourselves, healing our trauma and releasing our fears, then we become stronger, more empowered and certainly more joyful. And I, for one, am certainly ready for more freedom and joy.

I speak from experience. My life has been in upheaval since about 2009. I usually have to learn everything the hard way (maybe we all do?) rather than letting things go with ease. I have tried swimming UP the stream of the river. I have tried stopping the river. I have tried pushing the river. I have tried to fit all kinds of square pegs into round holes. And guess what? None of it worked. It just left me exhausted and an emotional mess. It’s not easy to let things go when you see it’s time to let go. It really isn’t. I think that’s why it’s taken me four years to come to this realization. This past week has been a massive kick in the behind. When it is time to let something go, I am truly going to try to be conscious of that and let it go. I am going to open my hand and lovingly release whatever it is to the Universe, trusting in the goodness and love of the beneficent Universe to bring me what it is I need for my highest good. I am going to trust my intuition as well. I am going to go within and meditate and find the Divine Source that I am and draw strength and power and wisdom from this inner well.

So, my dear friends, wishing you peace and tranquility on this journey as we learn to let go of our own agendas and allow ourselves to trust in the love of the Universe / God / Goddess ….whatever is your preferred name for this Source of Divine Intelligence that is ever leading and guiding us………and where we are being led is to a place of pure joy, love and freedom. We are the new paradigm, we are the change, we are the new consciousness. Embrace and welcome it.


Kathy Lee 1/26/2014    (( https://www.facebook.com/kathy.lee.77715     http://www.tigerlilysgarden.com ))

PS I found this article to be very helpful to me. Please check out Aisha’s energy updates. http://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/01/26/a-short-update-on-the-energies-17/


2 comments on “Welcoming the New Dawn

  1. bridgesongs says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I started on my path consciously in 1996 and my life, too, hit a point of upheaval in 2009 when I started to have an inkling that my marriage of 20 plus years was not going to make it through this change. It took 4 years to process through it and last year I moved, by myself, and began the next stage. Broke my ankle three weeks after the move. Ha! SO much energy moving and so much healing… genuine alignment and truth are so necessary now. Love to you…

  2. Peace, Love and Street Credit ;) says:

    Thank you Kathy, for your perspective! 🙂
    I can easily relate and even though my spiritual realization only started 8 months ago, my concious awareness has expanded beyond measure. These days i have come to understand how lucky I have been to have been gifted the perfect tools for this journey towards ascension, where many others are navigating in the mists of darkness.

    I would recommend that EVERY human being on this planet reads and experiences the trilogy of books, channeled by Paul Selig (1st book “I AM THE WORD.”) These written miracles does not only give you a comprehension of the planetary circumstances, but gifts you with intergrating and aligning frequency, guidance and much more.

    And trust me, I have divoured every channeled and spiritual body of work I have been able to get my hands on, and NOTHING compares!

    If anyone out there are feeling lost or just feel like amplifying the love that is all around you, reward yourself with these books. They will change your life.

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