Freedom in 2014

The energies this past week continued to be intense. Tying up loose ends and letting go continue to be the theme as we prepare for the “new”. We had a New Moon on Thursday night and Friday was the Chinese New Year of the Horse. This is a radically different, new energy coming in. The past 2 years have been about clearing out our spaces and our lives. I’m hearing it happening to so many people. The energy now is finally about moving forward. Personally, I hope the last of the “clearing out is done”, but we will see.  It’s been  on all levels of our lives right down to the need to clear out our homes, clean up, get rid of old clutter and simplify.
I had an experience Thursday night where I had to walk away from a situation and cut ties. There was no other way.It was a bit painful but I’ve been having this happen for so long that it no longer surprises me. Fortunately, I’ve been able to see the bigger picture in all of this releasing (which has been going on for a couple years but seems to be accelerating big time).  Anyway, this song (“Free” by Zac Brown Band)

 came on the radio Friday morning the minute I turned the car on ( Friday: New Moon, Year of the Horse) right after the lines of the song “You’re just another picture to burn” (Yes, the Universe has a sense of humor and clearly conveys messages for those who are listening and usually doesn’t beat around the bush about what you need to hear, it made me chuckle) and it was a huge confirmation for me……..
As we move forward into the new energies and new year, we are giving up anything that holds us back, weighs us down or doesn’t align with who we are…….and as painful as it can be to give up some of these people/places/situations/circumstances, it is all in Divine order. Don’t get discouraged. Many, many of us are experiencing this right now. Those of us on the same path are coming together and those who are meant to walk with us, will be with us. As we release what no longer serves our highest good, we are free, free, free……we will be as free as we’ve ever been. We are no longer defined by the past. And in the words of Zac Brown, “all we need is love”…… and as I listened to the words of this song that I’ve heard many times, it contained a new message….. “let go and experience the ultimate freedom that comes with the letting go”. We cannot continue to hold onto things that are the albatrosses around our necks. And as we open our closed fists and release, we allow space for the “new” to enter our lives, along with freedom, peace, and joy.
There are things further down the road that are so good, we cannot yet imagine.( I mean, SO GOOD, that we have no idea. I can feel it coming.)  So trust that they are on their way. Trust. Have radical trust and faith in the Universe that is loving and kind and wants only the best for you. One day soon, we’re going to be dancing with joy and delight. Very soon. But we have to let go of the fear of letting go of the way things are/were.
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A friend really summarized it for me on Thursday night. This is what she said: “Isn’t it beautiful? I am so free and full of trust ~ wow! All of my friends are experiencing it too. They are free of anything that was binding them.. Different situations. You and I are being brought to meet a whole new level of friends. It is like living many lives in one. We move that fast. It’s all ok. You’re in charge now, totally. They made us all pull together now. It is the time.” 
We are not defined, nor confined, by our pasts. Sometimes we get upset by these changes and we may as well stop being upset. Take a moment, acknowledge whatever pain you feel over the changes, then let it go and move forward. Find the excitement in it rather than focusing on what has changed or has been lost. Because nothing has really been lost. We are just shifting into another kind of reality and this new reality cannot contain all the old stuff that is incompatible with it.
Grab the mane of that wild horse and get ready for an amazing ride into the future…. we are FREE. FREE. FREE.  
(Please share if you know someone who needs to hear this message….)
Kathy Lee 2/2/2014 

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