Energies (Astrology) March 11, 2014

I find that I can “feel” the energies and how they are moving. It’s a consolation when I read the astrological reports and they are confirmation of what I am feeling. Many of us know, on a deeper level, what’s happening and what we need to do. The theme continues to be “let go” and see through the illusion,( even when it’s not what you wanted to see)  and trust, trust, trust, the Divine Intelligence that created you. It knows where you need to be.

This is the March 11 astrology reports by Tom Kaypacha Lescher. Very much worth reading if you want to understand more deeply what’s taking place and how you’re being affected.

Written transcript:  https://s3.amazonaws.com/newparadigmastrology/Pele+en+Espanol/English/The+Pele+Report+-+March+11+2014.pdf

Video version:  www.newparadigmastrology.com


Kathy Lee  https://www.facebook.com/kathy.lee.77715     http://www.tigerlilysgarden.com


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