Equinox energies 3/20/2014


Recently, I was told that I use my blogs and Facebook writings to write about a specific individual and how badly I am mistreated. This made me chuckle.  I was told that I write slander. Unfortunately for this person, this is not true. It’s not about her as much as she would like it to be.  Not at all and not even remotely.  I just wanted to clarify that.

What it’s actually about is all of us and our world and the changes that are taking place.  I write about the experiences that we are ALL going through.  What I have been writing about, since I started,  is the changing paradigms, the changing energies and all that this entails. (My first blogs can be found on my website)  I’ve been studying this topic since 1999. It’s amazing to be actually living in the time that I have studied for so long.

We are leaving the old “energies” (paradigms) and entering the “new”. This has involved an incredible amount of letting go and rearranging of our lives. Others have made fun of my repeated writings about “letting go”.  It’s OK, I don’t expect everyone to understand or be able to grasp what I write about.  We are all at different places on the path. If you find my work and writing does not resonate with you,  bothers you or offends you or scares you, then I ask you to very simply to stay away from it.  I’ve never been one to conform to be able to “fit in” and I don’t intend or desire to start now in order to please anyone.  And even this, what I am saying right now, is part of the changing energies. Tying up loose ends for good. Large parts of our lives that are over.  This is all good. Tie up the loose ends and move on.  And remember that you give out returns to you. I share because it helps others when I do so. I understand what’s happening and I share. Others, for many years, were huge blessings to me because they helped me understand when otherwise I might not have.  You will reap what you sow. These are the words of Jesus and also the law of Karma.

Has this process been easy? No, it hasn’t. At times, it has felt like hell. But I think we’re finally emerging at the end of the tunnel and it is, indeed, the light we are finding and not the train. We are awakening to our true power, our sovereignty as the Divine beings that we are. We are awakening to the illusions, the lies that we have been subject to for so very long in our society , in the world and in our personal lives. The veil is lifting and we will never see things the same way ever again.  We are letting go of those who no longer vibrate on our levels and we are reuniting with our true soul families. We are understanding who we are, we are becoming spiritual warriors and learning that just  because we espouse “love and light” that we are not “ass wipes” , as my dear friend loves to say. It has been a time of incredible, fast lessons and forward movement and we will never, ever  be the same.

I would like to share a couple of articles here that I did not write. They echo what I have been saying for months.  Please enjoy.

Channeled by Camille Albrecht on March 19, 2014

The Spring Equinox begins March 20, 2014 at 12:57 pm EDT

Greetings, it is I, Aca’u who speaks to you now. A long and difficult winter for many, you seek and shall find signs of Spring soon. That will be the case both externally and in your heart. This has been a time when many have felt discouraged and out of sorts. Things haven’t worked out the way you thought they would. Unforeseen problems have arisen that have taxed you physically – perhaps financially, emotionally, and mentally.

The planetary energies occurring now are those of exaggeration. So, things you had been able to cope with before seem bigger now, your reactions are bigger, and your desire for change is bigger. You may have felt a blockage in your ability to break through and move forward. This changes with the Spring Equinox. It is as if the wall comes down, the dam is released, the gate unlocks. You will have the ability to move forward from the space you have felt stuck in.
There was reason for this exaggerated Winter season. No matter where you live, be it snow land, the rainy or dry areas, or even the places of the sunny skies, this Winter Solstice period was a time you turned inward to look at yourself and your life. Your social, external life was curtailed either by choice or not, which allowed you time within. The purpose was to look at where you are not resonating with the higher energies of the 2014 Aquarian Age and release, release, release.

For some the letting go was easy. For most, it has not been. You faced fears that were holding you back, or attitudes and beliefs that have prevented you from expressing your highest potential. There is no coincidence that a current popular song is titled, “Let It Go”.

Freedom is being sought throughout the world, just as it is being sought within you. At its highest expression, your Higher Self is asking for the freedom to express through you. And what is blocking its full expression is being brought to the surface to be released. The inner tension you feel is to awaken you to free yourself from that which binds. Don’t be afraid of these awakenings. Understand that working through them will bring you far greater freedom and joy than holding on to them does. You can work through them, if you turn inward for the guidance and direction you need. Divine Assistance is always there for you.

The greatest lesson right now is trust. You have set the goal but don’t yet see the results. Remember, the Universe has a far better sense of timing than you do. Often you want it right now, whether this is the best time for it not.  What has been created in your life has often been created over years and years. It may take some time to un-create what you are no longer happy with! J Be patient. Don’t give up on the faith and trust that it will occur. Align yourself with Divine Will and you can’t go wrong.

You are heading toward the good. I tell you that in each message I give to you because it is true, and I want you to let that knowledge of a happy, successful future resonate deep within you. Keep your faith in that strong and it will act as magnet, drawing you closer and closer to the happiness that is rightfully yours.

There are many positives to this Spring Equinox period. As with each Spring Equinox, new life begins. This is a time for you to begin what you have had in the planning stages. The Spring Equinox energy fosters new growth. So, this is a wonderful time for new jobs, new homes, new health plans, new projects, new businesses. Go ahead, reach out and give it a try, what ever ‘it’ is. There is something within you, right now, that wants to be expressed. Dare to do it. Your path is unfolding in a new way, right now.

I ask you to do something for yourself. Take a few moments to decide what will be the new thing for you this Spring, and where it will take you by the Summer Solstice. Imagine yourself at the Summer Solstice on June 21, 2014. Where do you want to be with this new thing? How do you want to feel about it? Take a moment to really feel it manifested. See it, taste its’ energy, feel it alive and manifest in ever cell of your body. And now, fill the entirety of it with Divine Force, the creative energy that manifests within the Will and Power of the Creator. When you align your creative imagery with the Divine Creative Force, its manifestation gains great power and speed. Live each day feeding that imagery, living it and breathing it; trusting fully that it unfolds. And so shall it be.

Divine Power is more tappable now than ever. Faith and trust are also easier to touch. Reach out for this assistance. It is there for you and can help you each step of the way. Divine Power has always been within and surrounding you. But, because you are vibrating now at a higher level – and this Spring Equinox increased your vibration so that you are vibrating at a higher level this week than you did last week. You are vibrating at the highest level you have ever vibrated since existence. This is true of all things. So, you are more in line with Divine Power than ever. Just reach out for it. Let it work miracles for you.

Nature can heal you now. Do spend time out of doors with the elements and the nature kingdoms. You can help nature as well. Should you hear of a forest fire out of control, send Divine Light to restore the balance. When you walk along a riverbank, send the river Divine Light to help heal any impurities in the water. Take an hour to pick up trash on your street or any road. Pocket a pair of gloves and a trash bag. One hour of your time can make a difference. When you gaze up at the clouds, send Divine Healing Light to the Earth’s atmosphere, to help clean pollutants in the air. You will alter fire, the air, earth, and water with your thoughts, words and actions.
My dear friends, enjoy your life. Each day can bring you happiness; look for it. It doesn’t have to be the big new thing. The ability to be happy rests within you. It is all about your response to what is occurring within and without you. You have a choice how you will respond. The bumps in the road are there with a purpose. Don’t damn them. Accept them; work with what is presented to you with all the tools you have been given. And the biggest tool is trust. I ask you to trust in yourself and in the Divine. For as a team, you can accomplish it all.

At this time, I would like you to open yourself to Divine Blessings showering down upon you. Take a moment now, and as you read this, I will direct this Blessing to you. Feel the Divine Blessings shower down upon you. Like a gentle, warm, Spring rain, it washes away all sadness, all pain, all fear. You are left clear and refreshed. And in place of what has been washed away, these Divine Blessings fill you with nourishment, strength, courage, clarity, motivation and deep inner peace. I want you to know that each time you read or image this, the Blessings will be delivered to you.

And now, you are ready to move forward, enlivened and enriched.

I bid you great happiness in this fresh, most delightful season.

In Peace,

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Happy reading and blessed equinox ~ tap into this powerful time……

Kathy Lee 3/20/2014  https://www.facebook.com/kathy.lee.77715    www.tigerlilysgarden.com


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