Cardinal Grand Cross




This is a great article about the astrology right now……and if you’re still in the midst of the clearing, letting go, releasing phase….hang in there.. …I know it can be damn hard when you’re in the middle of it …… but once you’re past it…..things will be better than you ever imagined.  (TRUST me on this one.)  You have to let go of the things that hinder your soul growth and evolution, the things that don’t resonate on the frequency of your soul.  Once you let go of all the things/people/places that weigh you down, you can move forward and find where you truly belong, with the people/places/things that you truly belong WITH and it will be your time to shine;   and it is a beautiful, extraordinary thing to experience.   This is what this Cardinal Grand Cross is all about. The time is now. Go with the flow, trust the process.  We are creating the “new” and in creating and making space for the “new”, much of the “old” has to go; this applies to the micro (our private lives) and to the macro (the planet and all our systems here).  Trust, trust, trust the process and know that it’s all good.

Enjoy this article.  ~KL!The-Cardinal-Grand-Cross-of-April-2014/c1i8f/FEA8084C-5251-4E6C-996A-214623B523A2


Kathy Lee


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