Eclipse Manifestation Portal ~ April 15th

Great article and great reference articles at the end of this one…. loving it!! ~ Kathy

The Golden Age Of Aquarius

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If you’ve been spending any time on the internet, then you know we have some big celestial events coming up (see references and links below for more background info).

On April 15, we will see a total lunar eclipse around7:06 UT/3:06 AM EDT; lasting until 8:24 UT/4:24 AM EDT, with mid-eclipse occurring just south of the center of the Earth’s shadow at 7:46 UT/3:46 AM EDT.

The Sun is in Aries and the Moon will be in Libra. This will give you many chances to balance your Spiritual and Mental Bodies. Libra will be very helpful here because Libra always seeks balance. We know that the Moon represents Humanity and we know that this eclipse event is ultimately about Humanity moving through a portal and achieving Balance at a higher state of awareness on the other side.

Some people are calling this a Full Blood Moon Eclipse. The…

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