Emerging, Thanks and Eclipse Blessings



Been reflecting a bit lately…..and as the energies are finally morphing, we’re coming into such a better time….an amazing time….and a LOT of shit had to happen for us to get here. (A LOT!) So, I wanted to take a time out to thank EVERYONE who was instrumental in moving me into this place and teaching me to be more authentic than I’ve ever been in my life, for teaching me to speak my truth and to stand strong….even when I stood alone. For teaching me to once and for all, finally, let go of what anybody else thinks and unabashedly be myself. I love who I have become. I love the life that I have created anew. (And I don’t give a shit who doesn’t like me. You have any idea how totally liberating that is??) And whether you were one of the ones who crapped on me and treated me like dog shit stuck to your shoe (and in doing so taught me my own strength) or you were one of the ones who stood by me and held my hand when I forgot how strong I was ~ thank you. Thank you all. Everything and everyone serves a purpose. And I’m posting this public on facebook because I don’t care who sees it or who shares it.

 I’m writing it for everyone else who has walked through the fire or who is walking through the fire right now. I am proof that you DO get through it and life can be sweeter than you ever imagined it could be…..and this is only the start. Blessed full moon and eclipse. Let the ride begin. ~KL

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDp6F_Baf5I    Alanis Morrisette “Thank You”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6Sxv-sUYtM   Pharrell Williams “Happy”


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