Keepers of the Light: Spiritual Warriors

lighthouse radiating

Keepers of the Light: Spiritual Warriors 



It feels like the world is going to hell in a hand basket. In my personal life, this has been going on for well over a year now (so I’ve kind of gotten used to it) and now we see it extending to the rest of the planet. Things are tense and seem to be getting worse by the minute. Every day is a new catastrophe or truth revealed. I’ve come to expect it. But then again, I’ve been studying this time in history for the past 20 or so years. (And knowing what’s coming and what’s happening does not always make it any easier. Only time seems to do this. Time and practicing acceptance.)


I’ve been receiving a lot of communication with people asking me what’s going on. People are feeling bad, sad, angry, irritated, depressed, out of sorts…..and many have expressed not wanting to be here anymore….and wanting to go “home”. Many have actually died. It’s a soul level decision. We’re going through a shift in energies, in the paradigm that we have lived in for so long (thousands of years). Many of us have volunteered to be here at this time to assist the planet in undergoing this transformation. It’s been super intense, to put it mildly.  It’s been upheaval on the highest level. But this is because you cannot build the “new” on top of the “old”. The old has to be destroyed. 


What’s been occurring is that we’ve gone through a huge clearing out phase of our lives. I’ve said it again and again but it bears repeating because so many have come to me and asked about it. Whatever does not resonate with our vibration is leaving our space. And the things we’ve tried to hang on to, which are clearly not a match, are becoming intolerable to us. We can’t stand to live our lives in the “old” way anymore. We just cannot do it anymore. We are definitely in the energies of the “new” even though many things are in the process of transformation and we still have a ways to go.


When you don’t understand the process, it can be super disconcerting. You wonder what the f*ck is going on. You may lose jobs, residences, relationships, friendships….even family relationships can become very strained. But the good news is this: the Universe abhors a vacuum and for everything that changes (or appears to be lost) there is something new (and better) that comes to fill the void. Everything is being realigned. Everything is being orchestrated to match who you are. 


The other thing that has been happening on a micro as well as a macro level is that the truth is being revealed about everything. The veil is being lifted and has become very thin. This means that everything can be seen as it really is. There is no more false pretense or lying. What is, is seen for what it is. This can also be scary as hell when you think you’ve known someone or something for a long time and it turns out that nothing was what it seemed to be. Be thankful for this. Why would anyone want to live a lie and be duped? When this process is all done, everything in our lives will be very pure…meaning no lies, no false pretenses, nobody pretending to be what they aren’t….you can see right through everything. And those who try to hide or put on false pretenses fail (oops!!) and you can see the truth. Won’t this be a welcome breath of fresh air?


So, take a deep breath. Understand that there is a grand realignment taking place and trust the process. For those of us who are here to assist in the transformation, we have been tested to the core. Many of us have felt we literally could not take anymore.  I believe that this is to make us stronger so that we will be calm and collected and able to help those who need it in the future. And it has made us stronger. It has turned us into warriors, and now, this is the time to truly and authentically step into who you really are and shine your light. Be prepared for those who will attack you, because it will happen. Those who abide in the dark and are struggling desperately to keep things the way they are, will abhor you. At the very deepest level, there is a spiritual battle going on. It is spiritual warfare. Those who want the dark are trying desperately to extinguish the light. So if you carry the light, you often get attacked. It took me a very long time to understand this, even though my teacher tried to explain it to me way back in 2010. I get it now. Sometimes it’s not even a conscious thing on the part of the people who will attack.   Your light alone feels like a threat to them. They don’t even understand what they’re feeling or why.  And some are very conscious of what they are doing. Don’t let this dissuade you from shining. Keep on keeping on. Know that you are not alone in any of this even when it feels most terrible. You are surrounded by a host of light beings who are available anytime you call out to them. They are waiting to help you! You are also surrounded by a soul family who loves you and will be showing up into your life one by one. What a welcome blessing to find your soul tribe!! You will emerge on the other side (if you haven’t already) stronger and more confident than ever before and you will not have a need to have anyone’s approval of how you have chosen to live your life. You are being transformed into the warrior, the lighthouse, the pillar of strength and compassion…..and if you don’t feel “there” yet….hang on because it’s coming!!! 


So, again, deep breath. Let go. Stand strong. Trust the process. Shine. It’s going to be Ok. And you’re going to LOVE the person you’ve become.

I am love heart


Kathy Lee 7/17/2014


3 comments on “Keepers of the Light: Spiritual Warriors

  1. E.J. says:

    Thank you and much love and light to you! ❤

  2. Heather Joy says:

    This is AMAZING! Sums up so much of the experience better than almost anything else I’ve read, and I read a lot! xoxo

  3. Patricia says:

    Thank you. Very positive. x

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