End of the Old ~ Embracing the New Paradigm



I did a Rune reading for myself on Sat. And I was struck by a few lines of explanation on Perth reversed because it was so dead on and I felt it applies to a lot of us on this path right now, who have been on this path for many years. (Anyone who wants a reading, let me know.) We have definitely come to the end of the old and we cannot continue to live our lives in the old ways any longer. It just isn’t going to work on any level. You can “pretend” but your Spirit will let you know that this just isn’t going to work anymore, there will be a definite discomfort. (More than just “discomfort” more of a “I CANNOT do this anymore. Period.”)  I know that I am definitely feeling this stronger than ever….although for me it started well over a year ago…… We have come to the end of the “old” and although it’s not always apparent as clearly as we’d like, we are absolutely, without a doubt already into the energies of the New Paradigm…..the Divine Feminine…..the beginning of a new 26,000 year cycle. It’s been pretty massive and what we’re seeing now is the rest of the world starting to awaken.  Some of us have been the Way Showers….the leaders on the front of the ascension of consciousness of the planet….. I know I have always been on this path, probably all of my life. So, where ever you are is perfect for you…..some of us started sooner…..there are no judgments…..everything is as it is.

“.……..A counsel against expecting in the ordinary way, for the OLD WAY HAS COME TO AN END: You simply cannot repeat the old and not suffer. Call in your scattered energies, concentrate on your own life at this moment, your own requirements for growth. ……..You may feel exhausted from meeting obstruction upon obstruction in your passage…..You always have a choice: you can see this apparent negativity as bad luck or you can recognize it as an obstacle course, a challenge specific to the INITIATION you are presently undergoing. Each setback becomes a test of character. When your inner being is SHIFTING and REFORMING on a deep level, patience, constancy, and perseverance are called for. So, stay centered, see the humor and keep your faith firm.” (The Book of Runes , Ralph J. Blum)

Kathy Lee 7/21/2014 http://www.tigerlilysgarden.com  https://www.facebook.com/kathy.lee.77715


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