Recovery and The Phoenix Process

This is so true and an excellent article.

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed


“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” ~Pema Chodron

There seems to be a dramatic increase in the number of people suffering at the hands of Narcissistic abuse.  The partners they loved abused them and killed their spirit; they don’t know how or where to start over.  They keep repeating the same patterns throughout their lives and don’t know how to escape the cycle.  Subsequently, they fall into a state of despair and depression, losing hope in the future and the idea of ever finding real love.

These states of tumult may be the most powerful catalyst of awakening, in the sense that the events they give rise to are usually transformative.  Many have found enlightenment after intense periods of emotional suffering.

The Alchemy of Spiritual Enlightenment

Let’s consider the concept of attachment.  As human beings we are mentally attached to notions, such…

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