Welcome to Reality, Rainbow Warriors!

Excellent reminder!!!!

The Golden Age Of Aquarius

rainbow 13b

In my last post about rainbows, Visions of Rainbows ~ Like Shooting Stars, I said I was going to talk about what all this Rainbow stuff means. My exact words were: Next time ~ more on Rainbows, Rainbow Energies, Rainbow Warriors, and Rainbow Children (or: what does all this mean?).

Divine Timing and my intuition tell me this is the time to talk about Rainbows so here goes…

Rainbows have been a recurring theme for me lately. Even before I saw that double rainbow, they were being brought to my attention. For example, Archangel Gabriel told me that I was on a Rainbow Ship. I think I mentioned that in my post. And, people kept talking to me about rainbows. Somebody I didn’t even know asked me a question and it turned out that the answer was “rainbows.” Also, I kept getting this card in my readings ~

 maitraya 2b


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