Cancer and Healing Miracles

miracles still happen


I was unable to share this on Facebook because they tell me it contains an “unsafe” link and to remove this link before it can post. It contains no links in the body of what I wrote. 


Contemplating a lot of things today in preparation for a session tomorrow with a client/friend whose cancer went from breast to lung to brain….. It saddens me to see how many natural remedies are suppressed and silenced  for the profit of the pharmaceutical companies. The other thing I contemplate is how the healers like John of God in Brazil work. As healers, we are only the conduit for the energies to come through us to the person… it leads me to believe that the healing takes place in the consciousness of the person according to their belief systems. (Even the Bible (Jesus) said, “It is done to you as you believe.” Even if *I* wholeheartedly believe the person can heal…..they must believe it too. 
The other thing that I’m (finally) realizing is that it is crucial to forgive and let go of the past if we want to stay healthy. I’ve worked with many cancer patients and other illnesses over the past 15 years (more over the past few recent years) and I notice a pattern…most of them have a trauma/bitterness/resentment  that they’ve been unable to let go of. So it’s crucial that we forgive…not for “them” who “wronged” us ….but for us….in order to stay healthy. I know people will disagree with me….and I am also aware that there are many factors involved such as diet and exercise and attitude. Just thinking out loud here and sharing…. ❤  It becomes interesting in what you observe over many years of doing this work and it gets added to everything you learn from the many many books I’ve read over the years as well……
Kathy Lee 8/9/2014   



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